“Orange Is the New Black” recap (2.6): You Also Have a Pizza


While Morello comfort eats macaroni and cheese from a serving spoon and the other ladies groove to the beats, Flacca, Blanca and Maritza find a visibly nervous Bennett standing by. They make sure that he knows they have something on him, and ask for special items to be brought in. Bennett is between a rock and a hard place. Big Boo confronts Nicky at the party, accusing her of spreading rumors that she has crotch critters. Both women have earned thirty-six points, but all this banging has begun to take its toll. They both agree to call it a draw. They transfer their competitive spirit to a good old cookie-eating contest.


At the bar, Side Boob is rocking it out. Fisher arrives, much to Caputo’s delight. He’d saved her a stool at the bar, but she’s brought company. In come COs Bell and O’Neill, still broken up and fighting. Caputo is further disappointed when Luschek arrives, and cuddles up next to Fisher.

When it comes to love, I think Suzanne has a pretty beautiful take on the subject. “It’s like you become more you, which normally is like (exploding sounds). But now it’s ok because the person, like whoever, they chose to take all that on. All the weird stuff, whatever is wrong or bad or hiding in you. Suddenly it’s alright. You don’t feel like such a freak anymore.” Amen.

At the same time, Larry is, carrying bags of Piper’s clothes into Polly’s building when she suddenly gets off the elevator. When he sees Polly, something takes over and he grabs and kisses her. Pete, who is suddenly home from his vision quest, just in time for Valentine’s Day, breaks up their kiss. Pete thankfully didn’t witness the kiss, so he invites Larry and a very surprised Polly out on their special dinner.

It’s time for pin the penis on the pin up! That must mean the party is winding down. Suzanne finds Morello sitting alone, and joins her. Suzanne pulls out the crumbled invitation, and shows it to her. A mortified Morello grabs it out of her hands and hides it. Suzanne tells Morello that she gets it, that whole unrequited thing. She tells Morello that those people don’t deserve their love anyway. Morello tells Suzanne that Christafuh has ruined Valentine’s Day forevah. She confesses that no one knows, but Suzanne points out that Morello knows and that’s what is important. Suzanne wipes a tear from Morello’s face. Morello still wants to believe in love, which she thinks is probably pathetic. On the contrary Suzanne tells her. To love, and love and love knowing it could all end in heartache one day is brave, not sad. They both hug, and Suzanne takes a moment to sniff Morello’s hair. It’s moments like this that that make Orange is the New Black, such a special show. Two people connecting, extending kindness and hope in a place that doesn’t encourage such things.


In the darkened kitchen, a drunk Flacca and Maritza sit on a counter. With a paper penis stuck to her head, Maritza gets serious. She and Flacca are wasting their best years behind bars. Loneliness and the need to be touched can be overwhelming at times. Flacca offers to kiss Maritza, and plants a quick one on her as they both giggle. When Maritza asks for another kiss, Flacca obliges, except this time things get intense. They kiss pretty passionately for a few moments, and then both pull away and break out in laughter. They both agree not to go there again. Martiza pulls Flacca in for a hug instead, because sometimes you need a true friend more than a lover.


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