Exclusive: “Lost Girl” unreleased extra features Zoie Palmer


What’s the secret to Lost Girl’s success? Lesbians. Yes, you heard it right here. Zoie Palmer said it so it has to be true. Fine, there’s also writing and relatable characters. But lesbians and all the LGBT fans, yeah–we helped a lot. Zoie discussed the show’s success in an unused extra shot as part of the DVD release of Season 4 of the series.

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The interview clip hit the cutting room floor, but was shared exclusively with AfterEllen to help promote the box set release. Besides featuring all 13 episodes from this past season in all their Una Mens-y, Wander-y goodness (or badness, depending on how you felt about them), the set is packed with extras. They include the cast roundtables and panels from San Diego and New York Comic Cons, behind-the-scenes clips and an “Inside Look” at Season 4. The fourth season DVD comes out Tuesday. Zoie came out in March. Yep, never discount the power of the lesbians.

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