“Orphan Black” recap (2.09): Save Cosima


Previously on Orphan Black, Vic found out Alison killed Ainsley, Alison found out Vic was going to squeal to BitchFace LadyCop, Rachel found out her father was alive and that Leekie killed her mother, Alison found out Donnie killed Leekie, Cosima found out Delphine gave her Kira’s stem cells, and Cosima had a coughing fit that sent us all into a blind panic.

We open on Alison and Donnie trying to hide Leekie’s body. Unsurprisingly, Donnie is struggling, but Alison is on top of it. It’s too bad Sarah asked Cosima for advice when trying to get rid of Katja’s body (which was, “You’re a cop. Like, buy a shovel.”) instead of Alison. Alison (with minor assistance from her good-for-nothing husband) wraps the corpse in a cheerful shower curtain, seals it with pink duct tape and throws it in the freezer.

Meanwhile, in Crazytown, Henrik is implanting Helena with her embryos. She’s asking questions and looks a little excited and a little nervous about being pregnant. Henrik introduces her to a midwife named Alexis, who looks a tad familiar.

OB 209-1Kathryn Alexandre aka Body Double Extraordinaire

At the DYAD, Delphine tells Rachel that Cosima is getting worse. Until Duncan finds a cure, Kira is the only answer. Rachel then surprises Delphine by asking her to take Leekie’s place as director. Rachel says that Delphine understands the human and science side of things. Which I take to mean she is as emotionally invested in the clones as Leekie was, if not more. Delphine is hesitant, she’s starting to catch on to the TRUST NO ONE clone mantra. She doesn’t want to be bribed to try to sway Sarah, but Rachel insists her intentions are pure. And the sweet, overly-trusting puppy believes her.

OB 209-2“You look enough like Cosima that I trust you more than I should.”

Delphine goes to tell Sarah and Mrs. S (with Benjamin creeping nearby) that she’s the new Leekie, and that they need Kira’s bone marrow. Cosima needs it. She says she believes Rachel’s intentions are aligned with theirs; after all, it’s her own future too. It could be only a matter of time before she has this same illness.  Sarah is still not loving this option, but Delphine insists that this is our only  chance to save Cosima.

Cosima is, thankfully, still well enough to skype with her sestras. Alison is weepy because she didn’t realize how sick Cosima had gotten and the nose tubes are a little disconcerting.

OB 209-3She literally said, “Sexy right? Cannula-lingus!” Sexiest dork ever.

Sarah wants to help, she does, but she doesn’t feel comfortable bringing Kira to the DYAD. Cosima totally understands and would never ask her to. I, on the other hand, am shouting JUST BRING HER, DAMMIT.

Before the Sestra Skype Session ends, at Donnie’s urging, Alison asks one more question: Any news on Leekie’s death? Cosima tells her that they’re just saying he had a heart attack on a plane, no further information is being provided. After she hangs up, Alison concludes that the DYAD must think he’s alive somewhere playing dead, even though he’s actually currently in their freezer. The solution Team Spontaneous Manslaughter comes up with is that they need to get rid of the body more permanently than covered by Omaha steaks, so they start to do some…redecorating.

OB 209-4Like a boss.

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