“Wentworth” recap (2.4): Booby Traps


Outside, some new prisoners show up to begin their stay at Chez Wentworth, and we are meant to assume that one of them is Bea’s assassin.

The contenders:


Australian Amanda Seyfried: Real scared, cries a lot, flirts shamelessly with male guard, probable assassin.


Peg Leg Meth Head: Real rude, grievously injured, possible assassin.


And then there’s Maxine. I think that introducing a trans woman in a female prison drama is bound to invite comparisons to Laverne Cox in Orange is the New Black, and anyone on earth would pale next to that goddess. But I find Maxine particularly problematic, because she is presented to us as a man (Socratis Otto) in a very bad wig. Like, are there no trans actors in Australia? Did you try New Zealand? The wig thing makes sense, I guess, if she has been off her hormones for a while, but that issue is never addressed. Every single scene with Maxine is about her difference, her otherness. And I’m actually fine with the rest of the characters saying shitty things to her that reduce her to her anatomy–they’re not the most enlightened people ever—but the camera seems to treat her with the same crassness as the inmates.

Out in the garden, Frankie continues to trade Boomer’s blowjobs for drugs from the weathered male inmate—we never really get to see how Boomer feels about this—and Doreen and Nash continue to feed their poor injured bird, who is turning into the only character with whom I empathize on this entire show.


Doreen also walks in on Boomer servicing the craggyface man in exchange for drugs, but Frankie tells her that if she keeps her mouth shut, they could arrange some alone time with her and Nash. Side note: does anyone else severely mistrust Nash? I know he hasn’t technically done anything wrong yet, but there’s something about him that bothers me. Possibly his teeth.

Back in the laundry, Fletch enlists Maxine to help him move a broken sewing machine (you know, because of her strong, manly arms). A minute later, Bea is handling some laundry, when that same sewing machine falls from the ceiling and very nearly kills her dead. I’m not really clear about where it falls from since she isn’t standing near a stairwell or anything, but the people making season two of this show seem to think we won’t notice details like that. Whatever, it confirms that someone is indeed trying to kill her.

In an effort to find out who, Bea bribes the blonde lady guard to find out if any of the newbies are connected to the Holts. The guard—who apparently has a pretty serious gambling addiction—agrees, but only because she’s bet that Bea will survive at least a week. Speaking of bets, blondie and the prisoners place another one about the exact nature of Maxine’s genitalia, and I really want Laverne Cox to descend in a giant bubble like Glinda the Good Witch and tell them to go fuck themselves.

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