AfterEllen does Fox’s Girls’ Night out with Jane Lynch, Mindy Kaling and more


Monday night in North Hollywood Fox hosted a Girls’ Night Out with some of their most-loved female stars and series writers, and AfterEllen (aka myself and Lianna Carrera) was there to chat with a few of them. First we asked Mindy Kaling about her recent admission of a girl crush on Solange Knowles.

Fox's "Girls Night Out" - Arrivals

Beyonce, I think — she gets a lot of attention. And Solange, like, has such a sense of style. Like and then there was that whole situation at the Met,” Mindy said, referencing the recent viral video where Solange was seen attacking Jay-Z. She joked she “Solanged four people in the elevator today.”

“There was a lot of blood,” she said. “I’m kidding.”

As for when we’ll see some lesbians on The Mindy Project, the executive producer/writer/star says they are coming.

“Yes! Yes, we have a pregnant couple coming in right now because that’s very popular right now.”

Next was the voice of Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith, who agreed that Lisa is a lesbian icon.

“I mean you know she’s so strong and she’s also been bullied,” Yeardley said. “She’s been separated from her peer group often because she’s into different things and anytime that you do things that everyone else is not doing …she’s had to figure out a way to find acceptance somehow, somewhere.”

Fox's "Girls Night Out" - Arrivals

Having been the voice of Lisa for more than 24 years, she agreed with our assessment that Lisa is basically a “little Hillary Clinton.”

“We had a flash forward where she was the President!” Yeardley said. “She’s been a princess, an astronaut…what else?”

All kinds of things in that amount of time, and yet she’s still an 8-year-old feminist.

Jane Lynch joined us for this video interview where she just finished telling a reporter next to us that she enjoys sushi.

During the panel, Jane, Mindy and Yeardley were joined by Chelsea Peretti (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Alex Borsten (Family Guy), Liz Meriwether (Executive Producer of New Girl) and Heather Kadin (Executive Producer of Sleepy Hollow) and topics ranged from getting bad advice about Hollywood to what they do as soon as they step off set.

Fox's "Girls Night Out" - Arrivals

Jane Lynch: If you drive down Sunset Boulevard and look at billboards for films, it’s all men with guns and a woman in the background looking worried for them.

Mindy Kaling: You are not even in the category where you could be the Worried Woman.

Jane Lynch: Right, I’d be the best friend of the Worried Woman.

Fox's "Girls Night Out" - Inside

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