Imogen and Jack are back on “Degrassi”


The summer premiere of Degrassi aired Tuesday, June 3 and after months of waiting to find out what will happen between Imogen and Jack (now that Imogen’s bestie Becky has given them both her blessing) it was disappointing to discover that Imogen wasn’t even in the premiere episode! Granted it takes time to develop a well-written relationship, but I must admit that was bummed not to even see Imogen’s face after all the juicy promos like this:

We finally see Jack without her trademark braids!

Note: Imogen in a top hat!

Oh yeah, and this:

Yet, as per usual, the premiere episode focused mainly on Clare and Drew’s aborted relationship and Maya’s need to take care of every boy who has ever liked her. Fortunately, we did get some face time with Jack who is on her way to becoming one of Clare’s close friends.

It all starts after the club fair. Spring has sprung. It’s a new season and everyone is looking for new experiences-especially Clare. After Drew ended their relationship before it even started, Clare finds herself single for the first time in years. She tries to schedule some girl time with Ali by asking her to join the triathlon club together, but Ali’s all coupled-up with Dallas so her dance card is full. Rather then join Ali and Dallas for the Salsa Club, Clare decides to do the triathlon club alone, and who should be leading it? You guessed it: Jack.

Jack leads a spin class and sees Clare going hard on a stationary bike in the front row. During a break, she offers Clare some water and some advice. After she guesses that Clare’s main motivation to get super fit is to get over a guy, she invites Clare to hang out with her and her friends after school.

What does someone like Jack do after school with her friends, you may ask? Answer: Throw axes. No, for real. Jack is part of an axe -throwing league that hangs out in the woods throwing axes at targets afterschool.

Clare throws axe

Which, FYI, is a real thing and the cast of Degrassi shot the scenes at a real league. Which, as a side note, makes me realize how unprepared I am for the survivalist, dystopian future we are apparently all headed for. I don’t do archery. I don’t throw axes. I have no idea what my blood type is. I’m doomed!

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