Jodie Foster and Taylor Schilling talk “Women Ruling TV” at Netflix panel


Last night Netflix hosted a panel called “Women Ruling TV” where some of their stars and directors talked about their experiences in television. Jodie Foster, Taylor Schilling and Kate Mulgrew from Orange is the New Black, Robin Wright of House of Cards and Jehane Noujaim, director of the Netflix documentary The Square answered questions and posed for photos with fans.

Here are some pictures and choice quotes from the evening.

Jodie Foster

“When I blend a comedy and drama, as a director, I have to have something quirky. I read the book and I called my agent and was like I need to be a part of that.”- Jodie Foster, on pursuing her directing gig on Orange is the New Black

Robin Wright, Taylor Schilling, Jodie Foster

Taylor Schilling

Robin Wright, Taylor Schilling

Jodie Foster, Kate Mulgrew, Taylor Schilling, Robin Wright, Jehane Noujaim

Robin Wright, Taylor Schilling, Jodie Foster, Jehane Noujaim, Kate Mulgrew

“I think the chemistry on the Orange set is extraordinary and I’m going to risk and say this: I think by virtue of the fact that there are not so many men, we are free to be absolutely authentic. There is a lot of freedom and trust.”- Kate Mulgrew, on the set of Orange is the New Black

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster

Taylor Schilling

“Almost seventy-two after the series was released; my experience walking down my street was completely different. It was really amazing because people had just spent thirteen hours with us. It’s a really visceral and intimate relationship with the audience.” – Taylor Schilling, on how Orange is the New Black changed her life

Jodie Foster, Jehane Noujaim

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