“Wentworth” recap (2.03): Forked by Franky


[Hey prisoners, Valerie Anne here. Taking over for Elaine this week. Never know where I’ll pop up these days!]

Previously on Wentworth, the new Governor worked extra hard to make us miss Erica, Franky frantically asserted her dominance all over the place, and Bea decided that killing Jacs wasn’t enough revenge for Debbie and aimed her sights at Brayden.

Out in the yard, chaos is rampant, because the Governor’s new anti-drug campaign is throwing a wrench into things. A fight breaks out on the basketball court, but more importantly, someone spray painted a rather crude image on the wall. Ol’ Fergie is not pleased to be depicted with a giant wanker.

Another wrench in the system is Jacs’s friend Simone, who is back to shake things up.

WENTWORTH 203-1“Surprise, bitch!’

She tells Bea she wants to just forgive and forget. Bea seems keen on this idea, but unfortunately for Simone, Franky does not. She follows Sky into a bathroom and yells at Sky for spray painting the yard, since now their cells are being tossed. Sky is sent away without any drugs, much to her dismay, and Franky demands to know where Simone got drugs and what she has on her. She knows Sky can smell gear a mile away, so it must be here somewhere. For good measure, Franky searches her. In the biblical sense.


For one full second I thought it was going to turn into something sexual, with Boomer watching and everything, but Simone says it’s not her cup of tea. Franky puffs out her chest and leaves, but Simone had some drugs hidden under the sink the whole time.

Meanwhile, the Governor tells Fletcher that he’s being written up for macing Sky. He’s highly offended that he’s getting reprimanded for using excessive force on a girl half his size, but Joan has no sympathy for him. Next up in the Chokey is Doreen, who the Governor gives 24 hours to “remember” who spray painted the beautiful portrait of her in the yard. The fate of her garden depends on it.

At lunch, Doreen is moping about the garden, but Franky literally could care less. Where she once might have told Doreen to chin up, she is instead obsessed with finding out how Simone is getting drugs in, because, without a governor on her side, she needs to hold on to what power she has left.

She puts on her coyest smile and goes over to have a chat with her good pal Simmo. While she’s chatting and being charming, she’s also murmuring threats and stabbing her with a fork.

WENTWORTH 203-3Not the kind of forking I want to see Franky doing!

All the while, Bea is taking notes; listening in with her supersonic hearing, and wondering if it might be Brayden helping Simone.

Later, when Simone is tending to her fork wounds, Bea approaches her and asks if Simone will help her talk to Brayden, but Simone doesn’t understand why she would want to do that. Bea tells her that she wants to apologize for taking his mother from him, and it looks like saying the words physically pains her. Probably partly because it’s not true, and partly because it is.

Outside in the yard, Doreen is being distracted by Nash, her fella from the men’s prison. Elaine predicted in a previous recap that he’s probably going to end up axe-murdering Doreen, so every time I find myself thinking they’re sweet together, I start to panic and yell RUN!

Inside, Franky finds Sky in her cell, high as a kite. Higher, even. As punishment, Franky has Boomer beat the crap out of Sky. I think this is an interesting dynamic, because Franky is all bark, and uses Boomer as her bite, but on her own, Boomer is a sweetheart. Which I guess is the point; in a place like this, you do what you have to. And Boomer does have to, if she wants to survive.

A bruised and bloody Sky finds Simone in her block and tells her where she can find Franky studying alone later that night. Bea is still observing, listening, waiting. She senses something is amiss and tries to warn Simone not to go after Franky, that Sky is woven tight in that cute little braid of hers, and can’t be trusted. But Simone isn’t worried about Sky’s loyalties; she thinks it lies solely in who has the gear, and right now, that’s her and her alone.

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