“Orphan Black” recap (2.07): Nurture prevails


Previously on Orphan Black, Alison passive aggressively killed Aynsley, Cosima got sick and Leekie assented to treat her behind Rachel’s back using baby teeth, Vic was in cahoots with Bitchface Ladycop, and Ethan Duncan didn’t die in a fire.

It’s almost family day, and Alison and Vic are finishing up making name tags. Crafting puts Alison in her comfort zone and she ends up confessing to Vic; about sleeping with Aynsley’s husband—and about that one time she sort of kind of watched her die. Murder by omission, if you will. Vic sort of stares at Alison like maybe he shouldn’t be double-crossing her, but she’s just relieved to say it out loud again. She probably doesn’t even remember telling Felix, since she was an airplane’s worth of mini vodka bottles deep at the time. Alison happily presents Vic with gloves she made him, customized to accommodate his missing digits.

Later, when she’s cleaning up, Alison realizes Vic forgot his new mittens and goes to deliver them to him. When she gets there, however, she overhears him talking to Bitchface Ladycop about giving her some dirt on Alison.

At Ethan Duncan’s house, Sarah and Mrs. S are digging through the piles of crap like they’re on an episode of Hoarders, looking for a specific box that Duncan insists they can’t live without. Sarah and Mrs. S try to come up with a plan, but only get as specific as “divide and conquer” because neither one of them knows how much they can actually trust the other.

In Cal’s trailer, Kira is sleeping restlessly while her father does some research on the DYAD. For some reason, he seems to have been able to hack into some genetic sequences, and is reading up on his science when Kira starts to fuss. He gets up to comfort her, making sure to say her name loud and clear. When he sits back down at his laptop, he realizes that the webcam light had been on, and as he stares directly at it, it turns off. He realizes in an instant what this means.

Meanwhile, Sarah finds something real gross in a gross pile of gross things and jumps back with a start, sending a pile of junk tumbling to the ground, and revealing the box they had been looking for. Duncan happily opens it and fumbles around with what looks like a bunch of junk and not important at all, and Sarah looks increasingly worried that this is the man on whose shoulders rests the fate of her and her sisters.

Sarah’s clone phone rings and Cal tells her that his laptop was hacked and probably traced, so he’s setting up a diversionary tactic, and will tell her where to meet them when it’s safe. When she hangs up the phone, Mrs. S asks who’s watching Kira, but Sarah is so not ready to trust her with that information. She tells Duncan to sleep with one eye open and disappears into the night.

At the DYAD, Cosima and Delphine are about to make some crazy science.

OB 207-1 Once again wishing every doctor’s appointment came with a Delphine.

OK, not crazy science. Real science. Real scary science. But Delphine is by Cosima’s side, holding her hand, talking her through what’s happening with sweet, soothing words and gentle kisses.

OB 207-2Hoping each one isn’t the last.

Cosima looks nervous, she can hardly bring herself to smile, but even though she doesn’t have the emotional energy to be cheeky right now, she does her best to put on a brave face.

OB 207-3 Cosima, I’d give my bones for you to have a few more years.

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