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Sally Ride biographer Lynn Sherr writes about why the first American woman to head to space stayed closeted up until her death. Mostly it seems she was really, really private.

Sally never explained her decision. Resolutely guarded and a superb compartmentalizer, she kept her own counsel on this, as on so many other topics. In a world that has increasingly tweeted its innermost feelings to strangers, she protected most of hers. And buried others. Her sister, Bear Ride, wryly chalks it up to their mother’s Norwegian ancestry. “Tight-lipped,” she calls it. That was her DNA. But little hints make it clear that even Sally could bend to public pressure, yet another example of the shame and fear that an intolerant (or uninformed) society can inflict even on its heroes.

The Evening-Standard has a great photospread with the stars of Orange is the New Black. I know you’ll appreciate them as much as I do.



Laura Prepon told the paper:

“I tend to hang out with mostly guys, and when I first got the show I was like: ‘How is it going to be with all these women?’ But these women are amazing, and people feel it when they’re in our space. I also love that the demographic of the audience is so vast — from my 81-year-old grandmother to little kids who really shouldn’t be watching it — and that it’s also brought me a whole new fan base in the LGBT community. They’re the best.”

Meanwhile Elle wonders if the show will acknowledge that Piper isn’t a “former lesbian” — she’s bisexual.

Brittney Griner and her GF are really freaking adorable.

Another Baylor University basketball player has come out to support Brittney’s claims of the university’s homophobic environment. Emily Nkosi writes about her experience on the team under Coach Kim Mulkey for Outsports.

Brittney Griner is one of the people I wish I could have created change for. If I had stayed and really pushed myself to find ways for the new me to serve the Baylor community, I would like to think a number of people on campus would have supported me. I often day dream about what would have happened if I had tried to rally my teammates, alumni, fans and the community around me by coming out and living openly at Baylor. We’ll never know what would have happened and what kind of pressures that could have applied to Baylor both socially and on an administrative level to create a more inclusive environment.

Hath Hell frozen over? Kirk Cameron is now OK with gay marriage? Not like we needed his fucking blessing.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Ariane Davis talked about her bisexuality and current relationship with DJ Toni K Roll Out magazine.

“I get all the love in the world,” she says in regards to the public reaction. “I don’t get a lot of negative feedback at all. … People admire me even more now. Because I am so open with who I am. I don’t hide behind anything and I’m not running from myself or trying to please this person. I’m a real person. I’m not a robot. I live my life for me and not for what others think. But it feels really good to know that people recognize real people and embrace it. Girls look up to me — even if they’re not in the LGBT community. They still admire who I am. I’m still a lady and I carry myself like a lady. My sexuality doesn’t define me. I still am Ariane — I just have a girlfriend.”


IndieWire wants to know your favorite LGBT films, TV shows, books, people, etc.

Matthew Warchus‘s Pride won the Queer Palm Award at Cannes this year. The comedic drama follows a group of LGBTQ activists in 1980s London.

Kentucky beauty queen Djuan Trent is on the cover of Story magazine this month where she talks about identifying as queer vs. lesbian.

“I had a hard time just saying I’m a lesbian because a lot of the lesbians I knew were women who felt they never had any kind of connection with a man; they could never be with a man because it felt completely unnatural to them, and that wasn’t my story,” she says. “I have been with men, and it was never something like ‘Eww, this feels so unnatural.’”


At The Frisky, another queer woman writes about why she doesn’t support marriage.

MTV has a gif guide to faking a lesbian relationship. Yay?

Sara Gilbert shared some facts about herself with People, including the last time she cringed.

I’ve never read Jungle magazine, but this seems like a good time to start. I mean, because it’s the ambition issue.

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