“Orphan Black” recap (2.06): Best Worst Road Trip Ever


Previously on Orphan Black, Leekie agreed to treat Cosima against Rachel’s wishes, Prolethean Gracie tried to kill Helena but Helena escaped, Felix was framed for murder, and Sarah found out Rachel’s father was still alive.

We open in a tent with Sarah and Helena—a sestra camping trip. Helena is eating beans from a can and Sarah is trying to get more information out of her about Cold River, the Place of Screams. Helena won’t give it up, though, because she’s afraid Sarah will abandon her as soon as she doesn’t need her anymore, and Helena will always need her sestra. When it’s Helena’s turn to ask questions, she asks if Sarah thinks she can have babies, like she had Kira. This prompts Sarah to ask her what the Proletheans did to her, a gentleness to her voice she hasn’t had with Helena yet. Helena avoids the question and tells Sarah she’s a good mother. She then seeks to escape the serious conversation the way a child (and I) would and pretends to hear someone outside, only to make shadow puppets. Sarah tries to keep a straight face but can’t help but giggle, and Helena laughs her animalistic laugh. They fall asleep head to toe, mirrors of each other.

OB 206-1Yin and yang, indeed.

It turns out Helena very well could have heard someone outside the tent, because Paul is lurking around the campsite. He snoops around Sarah’s truck and finds the picture of “SwanMan.” Remember when Paul was on our side? I miss those days. Dammit, Paul!

The next morning, the Sestra Road Trip continues with a little sing-a-long. Helena loves the song “Sugar Sugar,” because of course she does. Once again, Sarah tries to keep it serious, but falls prey to Helena’s charms as she sings, “You are my candy girl. And you’ve got me wanting you.”

At the DYAD, Delphine checks out Cosima’s injection, and things are looking good. When this news didn’t elicit a single hand motion from Cosima, she asks her science girlfriend what’s wrong. What’s wrong is that Cosima is worried that Sarah is worried about her now, and worried about getting sick herself, or Kira gettings sick, when she had enough to worry about. This is why Cosima is the heart of this operation; she is dying of something they can’t identify that they have no cure for that Sarah, having had a child, is unlikely to get, but Cosima’s still concerned about Sarah’s feelings. Delphine looks at her like she’s more worried about how Cosima navigates this world with her heart so precariously placed on her sleeve and gives her an injection, saying “pauvre petit chiot” (“poor little puppy”) and Cosima responds, “You’re the puppy.”

OB 206-2Which is true. She’s an actual puppy.

Delphine’s phone rings and Cosima answers it, impersonating Doctor Cormier. Someone is out front to see them, and for reasons I will never understand, when Cosima saw him, she did not say, “Great Scott!” Because standing before them is Scott himself, her lab buddy from school. Doctor Leekie approved his application to be the new sequencing tech, but Cosima certainly did not. She pulls Delphine aside and said they can’t involve him, but Delphine points out that he’s already involved. Cosima still says no and tells Scott she’s sorry, but they’re not hiring. She starts to walk away, and Delphine tries to stop her, but Scott stops them both in their tracks by saying, “I know about the clones.”

OB 206-3Science Team Mega Force would like you to repeat that.

Meanwhile, poor Alison is still in rehab, stubbornly not participating in group therapy. She says she’s only here for her kids, and that she’s sorry she ruined the play, but that she’s not a real drunk. She’s interrupted by someone coming in late, and that someone is Vic. He spots Alison and she tries, unsuccessfully, to hide her very familiar face.

OB 206-4I missed those neurotic eyes.

After Group is over, Vic goes up to her and Alison tells him that she’s not Sarah. Vic remembers her from when she maced him in the parking lot and asks if they’re twins or something. Alison tells him that they’re clones, because she is so beyond Over It, but Vic of course thinks she’s just being sassy. He tells her that he thinks the “godhead” sent him to her, that their being together is a sign. Alison does not seem to see things that way.

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