“Faking It” star Rita Volk on Amy’s evolution and coming out process


The journey continues for our semi-closeted lesbian, Amy, on MTV’s new comedy series Faking It. While she has out and proud Shane as her confidante at the moment, the one person Amy still can’t talk about her feelings with is the object of those affections, her best (straight) friend, Karma.

In tonight’s all-new episode, Amy and Karma realize they need a girls-only weekend to reconnect but Amy’s mother’s wedding shower (and the news that someone other than Amy has been picked to be maid of honor) gets in the way as we get more of a glimpse into Amy’s home life.

Rita Volk, who plays Amy, talked to AfterEllen about what to expect in tonight’s episode, how she’s handling her mother and her issues with a lesbian for a daughter and, of course, we tried to pry out of her when Karma (Katie Stevens) will finally be clued into her feelings for her. Did she spill? Find out below…

The cast of MTV's "Faking It"Photo by Clinton Gaughran for AfterEllen.com

AfterEllen.com: At this point in the series, is it difficult for Amy to be around Karma knowing her feelings?

Rita Volk: Yes, absolutely. With each episode, Amy’s feelings intensify and she has the realization that she doesn’t want to meet anyone else. She doesn’t seem to be into boys, and finding another girlfriend turns out to be a pretty scary and awkward experience for her. She knows where she feels comfortable and safe, and that’s with Karma. Realizing this just makes that longing stronger, but of course there’s nothing she feels she can do because it’s clear where Karma’s priorities are (with Liam). It also greatly complicates the friendship because the little things that were just friendly before, like a hug, carry with them so much more weight. Amy starts to wonder if her actions, however small, will give her away….which is very difficult.

AE: Do you think it’s still tough to hear Karma gush about Liam?  Or is she just being a good friend?

RV: I would imagine that it would be one of the worst things for someone to go through…..to love someone and have to constantly hear them pine over someone else. I think most of us can relate to unrequited love. Amy is being a good friend because she’s bearing it all, but unfortunately she’s compromising herself in the process. That’s a fine line…to put someone before you like that, but to make sure you don’t forget about yourself in the process. Amy is a loyal friend, and I think that’s why she’s so likeable, she really puts herself on the back burner sometimes.

AE: Without spoiling anything, is Karma going to figure out Amy’s true feelings soon?

RV: I can’t tell you that!! Good try though. You’d have to pay me a lot of money to say anything….but all I can say is that the finale is going to be the best episode yet, we were all so proud of it when we shot it. The thing with the show is that eight episodes is really compact, so there’s a lot that happens and it all builds on everything else. So I can’t really say anything without giving stuff away….

AE: Oh, Lauren. Will we get a sense as to why she’s trying to make life so difficult for Amy at home?

RV: Yes! Actually in [this week’s] episode, we are going to see a different side to Lauren. Bailey is so phenomenal, she does an amazing job of being a total bitch, and then she switches off and you actually feel for her character. She’s an incredible actress and I love Lauren as a character. There will definitely be levels to her. Every good villain needs that, I think.

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