“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.24): You are the Sun


Cristina opens the episode with her voiceover, reminding us that this is the last time we get to hear that droll, brilliant voice of her, which only serves to amp up the feels. She’s in Owen’s trailer, running around trying to get ready to finally leave for Zurich. She’s been putting it off for two weeks, but it’s now or never. Owen tries to get her to come back to bed, but Cristina has shit to do, include going to the stupid mall to buy a Euro phone charger. Owen asks if this rushed goodbye is it, but she tells him that she will give him the big goodbye when they see each other at the hospital later that day.


Derek is still commuting back and forth to DC, but he’s found the family a place to stay so it looks like they will be making the move very soon. He hands Meredith some closing paperwork to sign, and a brochure to remind her that she loves their new townhouse. One look at Meredith tells us that “love” is a very strong word, especially when it comes to faraway townhouses.

Also looking at brochures is Alex who is considering buying a sports car, which Arizona calls a “road penis”. Ha! Has Arizona been talking to my mom? All the big shots at his private practice have fancy cars or boats and he just wants to play with the big dogs. Alex is there to perform his first anaplasty, and Arizona inquires if that means Alex will become Dr. Butthole Jr.  Man, this never gets old.


Richard and Jackson, who have apparently buried the hatchet, meet to discuss how to fill Cristina’s empty board seat. Just then, Bailey comes in shining like the sun to announce that Brayden has been given a clean bill of health by his pediatrician. The docs don’t share in her enthusiasm. In fact, Jackson breaks the news that her genome project has been shut down due to lack of funding. Also the fact that it nearly got the hospital sued into oblivion. Bailey is furious.

Shane catches Stephanie as she’s coming out of a surgery to ask if she’s heard from Leah. Steph says that Fired McChinDimples is sitting on her couch, eating her feelings and tying to figure out what to do next. Steph can’t hide her own happiness though, because she just got to do a surgery with Amelia Shepherd, or Dr. Shepherdess as they have taken to calling her. Amelia overhears them, but fancies the nickname. Just don’t call her Derek’s little sister. That’ll put you on the shit list.

Dr. Maggie Piece, the new head of cardio, is not thrilled about the fact that Cristina is still hanging around. She’s also not accustomed to Cristina’s curt demeanor. Owen assures her that Cristina is making one last check on her conduit baby, and then heading to Zurich.


Speaking of babies, April tells Owen that she’s got one coming. She’s worried that he’s going to be upset and tells him that she’ll probably work till that baby falls out of her like a cow at the State Fair. He simply congratulates her. They are both distracted by a news report, that there has been a massive explosion at the mall. Oh god…CRISTINA IS SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE MALL! The panic on Owen’s face is palpable.

He heads into his chiefly duties by holding a press conference. Some of the patients coming in have blisters on their bodies, giving rising concern that the explosion could be the work of a dirty bomb. April is doing her trauma thang, and Owen tells her to keep her mask on to limit any possible exposure. Agents from Homeland Security have shown up to question some persons of interest. When Owen is finally alone, he calls Cristina’s cell. She doesn’t answer, so he swallows back his fears before he faces the chaos. He runs into Alex who has jumped in to help. Owen tells him that Cristina might have been at the mall during the blast. Alex advises him not to say anything to Meredith.


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