“Chicago Fire” recap (2.22): “Anyone report”


Previously on Chicago Fire, Dawson failed her firefighters test but got a second chance. Casey failed his first testin being a supportive boyfriend but is really hoping he can pass the second one with a little help from an engagement ring. Boden also needed a second chance with Donna after bungling his first proposal. “Let’s get married to make the paperwork easier,” is not exactly every girl’s dream. He hit his mulligan squarely down the fairway and Donna agreed to be Mrs. Chief. Also looking for a second chance is Devon, Shay’s former girlfriend who made off like a thief in the night with everything of value (and Otis’ piece of crap helmet) from the Shaveride apartment. But now she’s back, from outer space, and Shay’s not sure if she’s going to tell Devon to go on now go, or not.

We begin where we left off, with Dawson in the smoker. She finishes her test and the smile on her face tells us she passed. Do you need a minute? That’s one hell of a smile, Dawson.

CF 2221

Dawson and Casey walk into 51 and no one is around. When they make their way back to the classroom everyone is waiting to cheer. Shay snags the first hug and tells Dawson “I’ve never been so turned on.” Well, who doesn’t love a lady firefighter?

CF 2222

Boden tells Casey and Dawon that they needs to come have a chat in his office. Severide wants to know what Devon is doing staying over at their apartment. Well, Severide, when two beautiful, single ladies…He wants Shay to assure him that she’s not going to be stupid about Devon (again) she tells him shes got this. Yeah, Shay, when it comes to your love life, everything screams “under control.”

Dawson has been assigned to be the candidate in the house from the 1950s. The sexist douchebag we met last week will be her lieutenant. Boden says it will be a challenge but has no doubt O’Neal can handle it with a combination of one handed push-up montages and the perfect use of lines such as “suck my dick.” Dawson has two more shifts before they are breaking up Shawson. How about a little break up sex, ladies? Boden says he’s going to miss Dawson (but maybe not the paperwork she generated from her disciplinary cases). After she leaves the room Casey wants to know if there’s anything to do about Dawson’s placement and Boden tells Casey that even if they are setting up to fail, no one beats Dawson. Hmm, sure would be nice to have a boyfriend with that much confidence in her. Casey bombs out of Boden’s office and tells the guys, “get in losers, we’re going to teach a class in feminism to some neanderthals.”

Boden catches Herrmann and asks him to be his best man. Herrmann is thrilled, although he totally had money on the Chief blowing it with Donna. Herrmann tells Boden he will get a church wedding organized because after your fifth baptism, the church always throws in a free wedding.

Casey and the brain trust rolls up to Dawson’s new house. He asks where Welch is and the guys barely acknowledge him. He finds Welch working out and informs him that he and Dawson are a couple and that he wants to be sure she gets the respect she deserves. Welch makes a crack about Dawson being able to cook, clean, and do other “female type activities.” He sounds like he should be running for Congress on the GOP ticket. Good lord. Casey gets pissed (which we know because he points his finger menacingly) but before he can try to kick Welch’s ass, Herrmann appears. They have a call.

Suddenly it’s night time. That conversation must have taken forever because it was afternoon when it started. The call is to a boarding school which is fully engulfed in flames. Some of the kids weren’t on campus so they don’t know if everyone is accounted for or not. They clear the halls of kids, and for a tense minute it’s unclear if Severide and Mills are trapped in the fire. The make it out with a kid who injured. Shay and Dawson take the kids to the hospital while the crew douses the flames.

They are still working the next morning. Mouch bemoans his bad dating luck and Herrmann looks ready to kill someone. The priest told him that you actually need six baptisms before you get free use of the cathedral. Otis says, “So you’ve already screwed this up.”

Never change Otis. Mills asks Newcastle if he will help find his father’s family. Mills offers to pay but Newman says he’ll work for beer. Apparently, he’s still in college.

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