Michelle Rodriguez, Evan Rachel Wood, Ruby Rose and more at An Evening With Women


Over the weekend, I attended The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Annual Gala, An Evening with Women,  and hit the red carpet on behalf of AfterEllen to chat with Michelle Rodriguez, Margaret Cho, Evan Rachel Wood and Ruby Rose. The fundraiser was hosted by Margaret Cho and featured performances from Evan Rachel Wood, Milla Jovovich, and 90’s karaoke staple 4 Non Blondes. Michelle Rodriguez and Rumer Willis guest DJ’d and AE fan favorite The Fosters received A Special Board of Directors Award.


First to saunter down the red carpet is Michelle Rodriguez, looking sleek in black St. Laurent. While waiting to chat with the Fast and Furious star/Cara Delevingne paramour, I’m faced with a startling but very welcome site: Michelle’s abs. After gushing about her trainer, Tracy, Michelle Rodriguez offers proof vis-a-vis lifting up her shirt to reveal the beginnings of a six pack. Being flashed by Michelle Rodriguez flashing her stomach startled me into a solid minute of utter speechlessness. How long is it polite to stare at Michelle Rodriguez’s abs? I did not know, and it took all every ounce of my journalistic integrity not to snap a picture for you, sweet readers.


Michelle Rodriguez: My trainer does some crazy shit. Look at that. That’s her workout. I was like yeahhhh hook me up.

Michelle Rodriguez is having a total sporty dyke moment. When a reporter mentions Cara, Michelle’s face clouds and she replies, “I have nothing to say about that” in clipped tones before quickly stepping to the next journalist. I regretfully conclude that asking Michelle about Cara Delevingne will result in a swift end to the interview. Michelle inches forward on the red carpet until finally arriving in front of me.

AfterEllen: You’ve been asking fans on Facebook to help you choose your next role. Any set projects coming up?

MR: Yeah, well it’s about time. It’s been 14 years since I’ve been a lead in a movie and it’s usually because I’m picky and I say no to everything, but I’m getting older now and decided it’s time for the next franchise.

AE: The AfterEllen Hot 100 is coming up. Who are your picks for this year’s hottest women in entertainment?

MR: Hot women? Hmm… there’s a bunch. Jennifer Lopez is looking amazing at 44. There’s a bunch of sexy women out there, but I think I’ll keep them to myself.

Michelle flashes one last sexy smirk before moving along. Before I can properly mourn her abs, Margaret Cho arrives. The hysterically entertaining and unapologetically outspoken comedian looks youthful in bright red lipstick and loose capris.


AE: Who do you want to see on the AfterEllen Hot 100?

Margaret Cho: Fortune Feimster. She is the hottest and so hilarious. I just did a pilot with Fortune for Tina Fey and she is just the hottest girl. She’s so fun and funny and my number one crush.

AE: What’s the status of your Tina Fey pilot, Cabot College?

MC: I don’t know. This is a weird time in show business where we just wait and see.

AE: What’s the pilot about?

Margaret Cho: It’s about a women’s college that’s going coed and admitting men for the first time. It’s a familiar topic for me because I’ve spent a lot of time at womens schools and doing a lot of women only events. When you add men, it really adds a different element and changes things.

AE: In your opinion, what elements change with the addition of men?

MC: There’s different expectations that women and gay women have about men, and so all of those are turned into great humor.

AE: I’ve personally observed that gay men are more represented in the media than gay women, and generally seem much more visible. For example, if you go to West Hollywood on any given night, you’ll see a row of gay bars filled with gay men and not gay women. Why do you think that happens?

MC: I don’t know, there really isn’t enough visibility and there really hasn’t been the kind of visibility that we need to have… I even think that our visibility has lessened because there used to be The L Word and The Real L Word, and now I don’t feel there is that same kind of social awareness or inclusion. I always feel very left out of the gay community because I’m bisexual, so my own status within the queer community is always a little bit ,”Are you straight or are you gay?” and I feel like I’m both.

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