“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.21 & 3.22): Time Warp


Previously on Once Upon A Time, Regina took Zelena’s pendant and hid it away, Mary Margaret had her baby, Rumple used the Dark One’s dagger to kill Zelena, Zelena’s magic was released and opened the time portal she meant to open all along, and Emma still didn’t get her powers back. We open on a group home in Boston 18 years ago, where a little girl is being taken away by a happy, loving couple. The head of the group home tells a weepy looking baby gay not to worry, she’ll get a family too, someday.

OUAT 321-1Emma has always loved flannel, apparently.

In present-day Storybrooke, Emma is watching her parents coo at her new baby brother. She asks them what they’ll name him, and they say the Enchanted Forest tradition is to have a coronation. Emma is worried they’re going to present him like Simba, but they say they’ve opted for a potluck at Granny’s. Henry comes in saying he found an apartment in Storybrooke for him and Emma to check out, and Emma stalls by mentioning the baby name again. In the mayor’s (giant, spacious, multi-roomed) house, Regina and Robin Hood toast to the return of her heart. He asks how she feels and she tells him that she never thought she’d have this. They bond over the loss of their first loves, Marian and Daniel, and how they’re both finally moving on, taking the guilt they held on to and saying let it go, opening their hearts to loving one another. Regina tells Robin about Tinkerbell and the first time she saw his lion tattoo, and Robin says maybe it’s all about timing. At Gold’s shop, Rumple is being shady when Belle comes in. She’s uncomfortable carrying around the Dark One’s dagger, she says it wields too much power. Little does she know it wields no power at all. He promises it’s not dangerous, that she’s in full control, and that they should speak of more happy things instead, like their upcoming wedding. The town starts to gather at Granny’s for the baby naming potluck party, and a few of the old Enchanted Forest gang are telling stories about when Snow White and Prince Charming first met. Among the storytellers is none other than Little Red herself.

OUAT 321-2A sight for sore eyes.

Mary Margaret and David talk about all the times they saved each other’s lives, and Ruby tells of the time her and Snow were going to run away together and have their own happily ever after. Hook opens his big mouth and says, “Run away? Funny, Emma wants to run away, too.” Emma tells him to shut his trap but the damage is done. Regina appears out of nowhere and tells Emma she can’t leave. Henry chimes in and says he doesn’t want to go either. Emma can’t deal with the third degree right now so she storms off, and they let Hook storm after her. Before they can discuss what just happened, Henry notices a beam of fire shooting up into the sky and asks what it is. Rumple somehow recognizes it as Zelena’s time portal. They run off to the Sheriff’s Office to find, sure enough, an empty cell. Regina immediately suspects Rumple and tells him so.

OUAT 321-3That eyebrow! 

He says Belle has the dagger, so he couldn’t possibly have murdered someone. Luckily, they have a security camera that hasn’t been upgraded since the start of the curse. Rumple secretly and magically tweaks the footage so it looks like Zelena turned herself into glass and shattered herself into pieces. Meanwhile, Emma is on a bench somewhere avoiding David’s phone call. Hook catches up to her and ask why she’s so determined to steal Henry away from his rightful legal guardian and actual parent and go back to Manhattan. She says that she’s still looking for what she’s wanted her whole life: home. She wasn’t part of the stories her parents told, and she doesn’t think staying here will change that feeling of being the outsider. Hook asks her if she cares about anyone here and she thinks, “Sure, but she’s dating a thief,” but just says she does care, but it’s not enough. Their conversation is interrupted by the beam of fire and they decide to run towards it. On the way, Emma listens to her messages and finds out that it’s Zelena’s time portal, so they decide to keep getting closer. In a totally shocking turn of events, they both get sucked in. They land in the Enchanted Forest, back when Snow White was still a wanted criminal. Emma thinks they should find Rumpelstiltskin; he’s the most powerful person in this land, he’ll be able to help. However, they’re interrupted by the arrival of the Evil Queen.

OUAT 321-4Of course the first thing Emma notices is her outfit.

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