EXCLUSIVE: “Orange is the New Black” character posters for your fave characters


In anticipation of its second season premiere on June 6, Netflix is revealing 17 brand new characters posters from some of your favorite characters from Orange is the New Black! Today, AfterEllen has the exclusive first batch of never-before-seen character photos of Alex, Nicky, Sophia, Lorna and Big Boo.

V0915_OITNB S2_BusShelter_67x45_5_Cemusa_NY2_Lorna

V0915_OITNB S2_BusShelter_67x45_5_Cemusa_NY8_Alex

V0915_OITNB S2_BusShelter_67x45_5_Cemusa_NY9_Nicky

V0915_OITNB S2_BusShelter_67x45_5_Cemusa_NY11_Sophia

V0915_OITNB S2_BusShelter_67x45_5_Cemusa_NY17_Big Boo

The funny, thought-provoking and powerful hit series about a diverse group of female inmates returns for a second sentence when season 2 of Orange is the New Black premieres exclusively on Netflix on June 6. In the meantime, take our Litchfield Match Game dating quiz to find out which inmate is your dream girl.

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