“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.23): Burst Your Bubble


At the MerDer mansion, Meredith is making sweet breakfast love to some homemade waffles, while chatting with Derek over Skype. Turns out that between crying jags and calls back home, Amelia is a killer cook. Derek is stuck in DC and asks Amelia to step in for him on his date/surgery with Meredith. Meredith would be pissed if those waffles weren’t so goddamn delicious.


Stephanie and Bailey make rounds together, while discussing how to handle the whole Brayden genome debacle. Steph suggests that Bailey speak to the board, so she finds Cristina. When Cristina hears that the experimental treatment worked, Bailey is rewarded with a penultimate Cristina Yang high five.

Jackson and April, now that they have made up, are finally rejoicing in their little zygote. Jackson reminds April that they have to tell his mother soon, you know, to avoid her maternal apocalypse. April is so geeked that she almost spills the beans to Callie. Callie gets called into an exam room before she gets the chance.

Cristina has given her notice, and so far, the hospital hasn’t fallen apart. Yet. Meredith feels a storm a brewing however, even though Cristina asserts that Owen has been supportive of her decision. In fact, she’s been tasked to interview replacements for Dr. Russell’s position.


April is seeing patients in the ER when Jo pops up, trying to make herself as useful as possible. When an incoming patient comes in needing an x-ray, April passes him off to a grateful Jo.

It’s time for some truth bombs and Bailey has a doozy. She butters up Brayden’s parents by giving their son a clean bill of health and they thank her for letting Brayden heal on his own. Yeah about that. She confesses to giving Brayden the genome against their wishes, thinking that they will forgive and forget since it kind of saved their child’s life. Wrongo. They are planning to sue the hospital, and it’s not just Bailey who is in deep shit. Stephanie knew what was happening, so she is also held responsible. Bailey sticks strong to her guns though, refusing to apologize for something she doesn’t consider a mistake.


In the Arizona Robbins Center for Tiny Humans (the NICU), Shane is assigned to her service for the day. There is a little baby born with his intestines outside of his body that needs special care. Low and behold, Alex pops in to check on some past patients and say hi. He asks Shane about a favorite patient of his, then promptly walks away with his chart to see him.

Richard, Leah and Ben are working with a young woman who is a survivor or rectal cancer. Because of all the treatments, she now can’t control her sphincter. In other words, the poor girl is a farting machine. Richard has had her keep a poop diary, but since she’s still…going frequently, Richard is hesitant to implant the rectal pacemaker. Instead they suggest a high fiber diet, and anti-diarrheals. Then, as if in empathetic response, Leah lets out a huge burp in front of the patients. Hey, Derek didn’t say you had to belch in the stairwell. She apologizes to Richard, but the burp has gotten her kicked off of lead surgeon position.


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