“R&B Divas” recap (3.3): Diamond derailment


More personal demons come out in this episode in the form of Angie and her daughter Diamond. We first meet Diamond as she’s recording a new single in the studio, “Smoke and Ride.” Angie’s there to support her, but then flips out when Diamond curses in the middle of the song. Oh, moms.


This conversation about cursing in music descends into a teary discussion about how Angie has never been a good parent to Diamond, or supported her like she supports other people (like the divas). After talking it out with her boo, Angie feels a little better about their fight, and after talking to Diamond again at home, it seems like both of them feel a little better about it.


I like Diamond: she has a good voice (for the few seconds we were able to hear it), and this storyline seems genuine, and it probably was hard having a young Angie Stone for a mom. But then shit gets weird. The divas have met up for their first rehearsal for their “One Night Only” concert extravaganza. They’re hashing out the details when all of a sudden, Diamond strolls in. She’s come all the way from South Carolina, Angie says happily, you know, to hang.


3divas3screencap12The automatic-happy-greeting faces will soon turn into automatic confusion!

Except it’s not really a hanging type of situation. It’s a professional business type of situation, so it just seems weird. As Mo says, it’s awkward. And as Syleena says, this isn’t a divas-in-training group. I know Angie wants to really make it clear to her daughter that she’s 100% there for her and her career, but this isn’t the way to do it. This is taking advantage. No other diva has just invited a random family member or friend to hang with the group during a professional rehearsal, and I’m sure all those divas know a lot of talented peeps.

And when it seems like this distraction has diverted the actual business side of this meeting, Keke’s short fuse has been lit and she stands up to leave because it’s a waste of time. But it was going so well, you guys! You guys! Where’s Tim Gunn? Make it work!

We’ll see the resolution of this started-out-so-well rehearsal next week. We’ll also get to see Monifah’s liposuction surgery, the plus of which is that we’ll get to see Terez’s face again, as well. I missed her face this episode!

What were your thoughts about the developments this week?

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