“R&B Divas” recap (3.3): Diamond derailment


The most important scene this episode musically, however, takes place in Mo’s apartment, when allllll the divas come together for a “think tank.” Syleena has come prepared, sexy nerd glasses and all, with photocopies of her ideas printed out and passed ‘round. She wants to do a one-night only show that someone can videotape and then potentially pass around to higher powers.


And for at least the moment, it appears, hallelujah, that everyone agrees on this idea! Even Keke is being affable and enthusiastic about it. That is, after a brief and hilarious confusion when Angie suggests it be an acoustic show, which Keke takes to mean just a mic and a guitar, and as she says, black folks ain’t gonna sit through a whole show of that. But when the divas explain there’d be full instrumentation, just unplugged, she’s down.


The only people who seem to be hesitant are the new divas. LaTavia’s having the most trouble, because she hasn’t sung in a long time and is feeling insecure on pretty much every level about it. Meelah is excited for a concert, but not down with the idea that Syleena has suggested of all the divas singing backup for each other. Later, she’ll explain that there was a time in her life post-702 where she sang backup just to get by, and that it was not a good time in her life. It sounds like just the word “backup” gave her some tremors of PTSD. I hope she eventually understands that it’s just about the divas supporting each other, as opposed to any one of them fading into the background. But all the divas seem to understand her situation and give her support.

LaTavia, however, is still freaked out. She meets Monifah at her studio, where it seems like Mo is kicking ass on her new project. She’s in the middle of explaining to her photographer how she wants the look of the album art to be invincible when LaTavia comes in. After Monifah gives her a good Monifah talk about being true to yourself, she straight out asks if LaTavia wants to sing anymore and LaTavia says no. So. We’ll see how that goes!

3divas3screencap8Dear Mo: We must know what the boob tattoo says.

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