“R&B Divas” recap (3.3): Diamond derailment


Last week on R&B Divas, Monifah and Terez started to wedding plan, Mo and Keke tried to talk it out, and Syleena and Syleecia shared some hard truths. This week, Angie Stone’s personal life starts to step more to the forefront, and we spend a lot of time at the Drama House of Keke Wyatt.

We start here, in fact, as Keever and Keke and Littlest Baby Wyatt stressfully wait on Keke’s pregnancy test. She thinks she might be preggers because of her recent mood swings and her “itchy titties.” She makes Keever look at it first. Wearing a smirk and his amazing #TeamKeke sweatshirt—I mean, can we buy those somewhere?—he announces that it’s positive. Keke says she’s going to throw up. Keever says—just joshin’! She’s not pregnant at all. KEE-VER!


Syleena and Angie then share a staged but still hilarious game of basketball, because Syleena just really likes working out with everybody, I guess. Angie Stone is, shockingly, not that great at basketball. After she pulls a whistle outta her boobs and starts calling fouls every time Leena plays defense, they get down to talking business. The divas have to move on musically, because as Angie eloquently puts it, “We need to be an example that sisterhood exists.”

3divas3screencap2Sisterhood in action!

Speaking of which, I still haven’t commented on the new theme song! So there’s a new theme song. It’s all about being sisters in song, which I dig, and which is a good reflection of what the theme of the show is supposed to be. But man, did I really love that old theme song. Let me see you put your hands in the air if you love yourself! But since that song is credited as being Faith’s, and Faith isn’t really a character on the show anymore, I understand wanting to put a fresh spin on things. So yay sisters in song, but RIP putting your hands in the air if you love yourself.

Back at the House of Keke, it’s a big ol’ family party as they prepare dinner one night: kids, cousins, Momma Lorna, Michael, Keever—and his adorable fiancee Teddy!—the whole lot.

3divas3screencap3Keever and Teddy! More of Keever and Teddy!

And at first this seems like it might be an amusing scene, as they lovably joke back and forth about how to make meatloaf. When one of the men suggests they cook meatloaf on the stove! Like, the stovetop! Lolol, who even are you! But the tension begins when Keke raises the issue, mainly to her mother, of feeling like she doesn’t hold enough power over her own children because everyone else is always fighting over them. To which this amazing back-and-forth happens:

Michael: It takes a village to raise a child.

Keke: It takes a billy goat to lick your ass.

Haha! What! I don’t even know what this means!


Anyway, then Keever steps in, announcing that Lorna is mean. Which, well, it kinda sorta seems like she is. As an example, in response to this comment, Lorna calls Keever—her son—a jerk. And then Keever just goes off, and with each frustrated, arm-flailing accusation he tosses at Lorna, Lorna gets more and more defensive and angry in response, until eventually she says, “I’m better at this than you.” Which I think means, I’m better at thinking of mean things to say than you, which seems like a weird thing to be proud of, at least between a mother and a son. Keke continues to drink her wine. She says that she wishes her mother would talk to someone, because there’s a lot of pent up stuff inside her that makes her the way she is.

3divas3screencap5Two words! First word starts with: Stop being a bitch, Mom!

Later in the episode, when things are a bit calmer, Keever and Keke will sit down with Lorna and tell her just that. Which is interesting, since a lot of us were thinking of telling the same thing to Keke just a couple episodes ago. Lorna says that sometimes she lashes out at the people she loves the most, and expects them to just know what’s going on inside her head. She says that she only hurts people’s feelings after her own feelings have been hurt. Suddenly, it is becoming clear that Keke is her mother’s daughter. We don’t see Lorna actually agree to therapy in this episode, but Keever and Keke suggest maybe family therapy, which would be a great idea for all of them. I hope we get to see how that idea progresses throughout the rest of this season.

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