“Chicago Fire” recap (2.21): “Lesbian hoodlum”


Boden catches up with Hot Donna outside her apartment and gives a terrible powerpoint presentation about why they should get married. “Well, i think it would be easier for tax purposes and it would save, um, paperwork.” Terrible. She says “Is this you proposing? Because you suck at it.”

Dawson shows up the next morning to ask the Chief if maybe she could, pretty please, with a cherry on top, still work at 51 if she passes the test. He shuts her down. Meanwhile, Shay is shutting down Casey’s plan for a river cruise proposal. Crashing into a pier really kills the romance. Casey reminds her that he’s the one proposing but she doesn’t want to have to hear about something stupid from now until the end of time.

CF 2219

Casey rushes out to ask Antonio if he can marry Dawson. Antonio pretends to be pissed that Casey isn’t asking their dad and Casey looks like he might vomit. Messing with your sister’s boyfriend is always funny. Inside, Newbie is regaling the crew with tales of his side gig and how he outsmarted a deadbeat dad. Herrmann does his best McKayla Maroney impression but Mills is super impressed. He wants to know just how much information you need to find someone. We haven’t seen Isabella for months, maybe you should look into that Mills.

Shay gives Otis back his helmet and he looks just as delightfully dorky as I hoped he would. She gives Severide the money and he gets mad and asks if Shay pulled the money together to cover for Devon. Shay tries to explain that Devon is trying to make things right. Severide roars that it’s not about the money it’s about Devon lying and stepping all over Shay.

CF 22110

Mills gives Dawson a pep talk before heading out behind the firestation to have a cigar with Boden. Boden explains that he’s going to be a dad and details his terrible five point plan proposal. Mills laughs and tells Boden that he needs to be a little more heartfelt if he wants to marry Donna. This is romance 101. How the Chief ever swept Mama Mills off her feet is beyond me.

Mouch is washing off some of his crap before the yard sale and dropping some wisdom on Herrmann. He couldn’t really move on from Mari until he got rid of all the crap he bought for her. He tells Herrmann maybe he needs to make some room for Newguy, too. In the midst of these touching moments, Dawson and Shay get called out to help a lady who is definitely having a baby in her apartment. They get Grace to start walking down the stairs but she buckles with the strength of the contractions. They get her to sit and take a peek under her nightie. Yeah, that baby is on its way out.

Back at 51, Herrmann is trying to find out if he can get his wife a birthday gift from Mouch’s yard sale. Herrmann, come on, dude. Newhouse walks in and Herrmann invites him to come by Molly’s for a drink. Casey walks in and asks if Dawson is still out on the call. Mills looks at his watch and thy realize she better hustle if she’s going to make it to her test on time.

Shay tells Dawson to run along so she won’t miss the test but Dawson won’t leave a woman having a baby. The rest of the firehouse is trying to figure out how to get her to the test. Shay tells Grace to pull her legs back so she can open up her pelvis. Too. Many. Lesbian. Jokes. Just when it looks like Dawson is going to miss the test, Mills comes bounding up the stairs and kicks her out. The rest of the boys are waiting in the truck and they sound the sirens to get her to the test on time. Seems like a legit use of firefighter resources.

CF 22111

Boden makes his way over to the school where Donna teaches in his dress blues. This time he gets the proposal right. She says yes. Dawson rolls up late and the instructor tells her that she better be ready because she’s first. She pulls on her gear and runs up stairs with the guys from the truck cheering her on.

CF 22112

We’ll have to wait for next week’s finale to find out if she passed the test.

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