“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” recap (1.21): A Weakness


The Agents of Nothing are about to split up, but first Tripp gives Fitz a quarter that is actually a sensor/locator thingy and the buzzer that Skye used to blow the lights out earlier. FitzSimmons sets off to find the Bus while the rest of them try to find Hydra Headquarters. While that team sits, confused, outside a barber shop, FitzSimmons actually successfully locates their stolen Bus. Coulson had told them not to engage, but they decide they’ll send in “Sleepy,” some sort of robot dwarf so they won’t lose track of them altogether.

AOS 121-7

But before Fitz can fetch their technology, Ward appears.

Ten years ago, Garrett meets up with Ward in the woods and tells him about how he Helena’d his way out of S.H.I.E.L.D. by duct-taping his organs into his body and stumbling for his life. He tells Ward that he works for Hydra, and that Hydra wants to recruit him.

Present-day Ward takes FitzSimmons onto the Bus and Ward catches Fitz moving for something in his pocket. When he holds out his hand, however, all that’s there is a quarter and a buzzer. Before anyone can ask what’s going on, Fitz presses the button and the EMP sends Garrett a-twitching and the lights go out.

Ward rushes to Garrett’s side and tells Raina to call Cybertek ASAP. Fitz tries to tell Ward that this is his chance to stop taking orders. With hatred in his eyes he tells Ward he deserves to die. Fitz is sweet, but he’s emotional. He doesn’t have the compassion Skye had. It’s a weakness. Ward tells everyone to get the hell out.

Flash back to Ward MURDERING A DEER. Garrett tells him that it’s time to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. and to be sure not to get too attached to anyone while he’s in there. To prove his point, he tells Ward to “take care of” Buddy. BUDDY. THE PUPPY.

Present-day Garrett is telling Ward to do the exact same thing. He tells him to “put down” Fitz and Simmons. FITZSIMMONS. THE PUPPIES. He goads him by reminding him feelings are a weakness.

After Ward goes scientist hunting, Raina opens Garrett up and finds the centipede serum inside him. He says it’s what was keeping him alive, but it’s not enough anymore. He needs the alien goo to jump start his heart.

Somewhere else on the bus, FitzSimmons tries to make a run for it, but Ward cuts them off. They run into a room and lock the door, and Ward tries to get in. Fitz tries to reason with him, tries to remind them that they were friends.


But Ward starts to punch a code into the wall, and I don’t know what it’s going to do, but Fitz is sounding increasingly frantic. Ward remembers how he let Buddy go, but eventually caught him in his crosshairs. Fitz tries one last time to remind Ward that he cared about them once, and Ward quietly admits that he did, but he knows it’s a weakness.

He presses a button and the room Fitz and Simmons are in ejects from the Bus and falls into the ocean. I really hope that quarter Triplett gave Fitz has a remarkable range. I’m talking 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Ward gets back to Garrett just in time to see Raina injects the new serum into his… I don’t even know. It’s some kind of weird mini robot heart. It’s gross. He starts to convulse and glow, and when he stops again, Ward asks if he feels anything. Garrett responds that he feels the universe, which really can’t be a good thing for anyone involved.

At the Hydra Barber Shoppe, Coulson, May, Skye, and Triplett go down to a basement to find a computer with a USB port. They find a secret door, which Coulson easily opens (it’s kind of his thing) but before they can do much else, they realize that they’re not alone. They recognize the figure as a centipede soldier…and then see dozens more spring to life.

Meanwhile, Quinn is off trying to sell those very supersoldiers to the US government. Which, again, can’t be good for anyone involved.

What did you think of “Ragtag”? What are you hoping to see in next week’s season finale?

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