“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” recap (1.21): A Weakness


At Hydra HQ, Ward is still pouting that Garrett let Mike let Skye almost maybe kill him. Before Garrett can finish telling him to get over it, he doubles over in pain. His Deathlok is acting up, so the shuffle Raina Flowers out of the room and plug him in to recharge.

Team Coulson figures out, from the stolen files, that Garrett was Deathlok patient zero, and that he must want the zombie juice for himself. Suddenly Fitz’s ears perk up like a puppy who heard the word “treat”. Maybe Ward has some Deathlok in him! Maybe he’s being controlled like Mike! Maybe he’s not betraying his friends of his own free will!

Skye pinky-promises that he is a cold-hearted snake and that she should have killed him when she had the chance.

AOS 121-5

She scolds herself for her weakness, but Coulson says it wasn’t weakness, but compassion, which is a harder thing to show. It’s easy to let a man die by staying silent, out of spite or revenge. It’s harder to speak up and let your enemy live because every human life has value.

Skye takes this notion into her motel room and is moping when May brings her in a soda. Skye asks her if she thinks Fitz is right, that Ward is being controlled. May doesn’t, which comes as a relief to Skye, because she doesn’t either. Skye tells May that she wishes she could shut off her feelings like she does, that her face didn’t show every single fleeting thought that flickered through her mind like a Times Square billboard.

AOS 121-6“Even my listening face is obvious.”

May tells her that just because she isn’t pouting or stomping or shouting doesn’t mean she’s not mad as hell. She takes her anger and she uses it, she channels it into fighting the good fight. Skye asks if she can teach her “hate fu” and May says she’s up every morning at the asscrack of dawn. I’m going to need to see all of those lessons, thanks.

Coulson interrupts their little bonding session to tell them to grab their things: they’re off to Cuba!

Quinn is getting his hair done at the Hydra Barber Shoppe when Garrett and Ward get there. He compliments them on causing a ruckus and takes his new ‘do off to cause trouble. After Garrett takes a seat in the chair, Ward gets a text from Raina, so he steps out to meet her. Raina has something to tell him, because she knows Garrett is only doing all this because he is afraid to die (he did, after all, tell Ward he only has two months to live because his organs are failing). Raina found something out about Skye while she was researching the alien juice. She thinks she knows where Skye came from. You see, there was once a city in China that was destroyed because some monsters were looking for a baby. Those monsters were the baby’s parents. And Raina thinks that baby was Skye.

Fourteen years and six months ago, Garrett finally comes back for Ward and his pup, Buddy. They’ve been doing just fine at their own, with pilfered tools and weapons. In fact, he’s even building a cabin. All on his own. Garrett pulls a gun out of a bag he said tacos were in (evil) and says he’s going to teach him how to shoot, and that soon he’ll be able to shoot people square in the head like it’s nothing at all.

Present-day, Raina Flowers hands over a vial to Garrett that she says is a combination of everything they’ve learned so far, and should regenerate and heal cells. He pockets it to keep safe on their mission.

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