“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” recap (1.21): A Weakness


Flash back to a newly-freed baby Ward being taken deep into the woods by Garrett. Garrett gives Ward a healthy dose of tough love in the name of teaching independence, then leaves him alone with a dog in the woods. He says he’ll be back in “a few” months and Ward is not pleased.

The Agents of Nothing assemble to try to get into one of Cybertek’s facilities by dressing Coulson and May up like FitzSimmons.

AOS 121-3 Did Christmas come early? Because this is a gift.

Fitz and Simmons are feeding Coulson and May info through little pins, and Fitz is having second thought about sending the grown ups in their stead. Simmons says May doesn’t look a day over thirty and shouts, “You’re gorgeous!” into the walkie talkie.

Coulson and May go into a meeting with some Cybertek reps and start spouting out the info FitzSimmons gives them about the ice bullet, complete with a dash of Fitz’s accent and a pinch of Simmons’ digs. The Cybertek reps are not impressed and send the two agents on their way. Skye asks them to try to get to the 4th floor before they get escorted out, so they knock out their handler in the elevator and get off at four.

When they step into the hallway, they see a man eyeing a red emergency phone, so May acrobats her way down the hall to stop him and kick his ass, all without losing her glasses.

AOS 121-4I can’t even look down to check my phone without my glasses falling off.

When Coulson and May enter the record room, they figure out why Skye couldn’t find the mainframe on her scanner. The files are all hard copies. Proof Cybertek is evil, albeit evil genius.

At the Hydra lair, Mike approaches Raina and asks why she’s helping Hydra. He has no choice, she does. She says really cryptic things like that she’s “waiting for what’s inside to be revealed” and that she thinks her and Skye have “something in common” so I’m really hoping Skye’s inner superpowers are going to be revealed. And/or her lesbianism.

Coulson and May dig through old files and find out that Deathlok is older than they thought, and that Garrett was the first. Coulson radios down to Skye that she should get ready for a large file transfer, and then in a moment of Whedon-y goodness, a filing cabinet comes rocketing out of the window. Triplett shoots a grappler up to the window and Coulson and May zipline down like the badasses they are.

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