“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.20): The Sisterhood of the Magical Cleavage


Previously on Once Upon A Time, Glinda the Good Witch told Snow White how to defeat Zelena, Mary Margaret went into labor with the baby Zelena wants to steal, and Hook’s lips were cursed with a spell to strip Emma of her powers.

Rumplestiltskin is spinning straw into gold, but this time, Zelena takes his creation and forms it into a golden brain. Now all she needs is the baby that Mary Margaret is currently having and she’ll have all of the ingredients she needs.

Flash back to a younger, greener Zelena, who is watching Rumple teach Regina how to make fireballs. While it’s now her go-to move, Regina was slow to learn it. Zelena, on the other hand, makes a perfect one on her first try.

OUAT 320-1A screenshot of the actual fireball would have blocked the cleavage.

Glinda appears and tells Zelena she’s here to thank her. She approves of the new monkey wizard, because she thinks he could use a little humbling. Glinda somehow knows that Zelena wants to go back in time, and tells her that she’s wasting her power, that it’s not possible.

Glinda says, and I quote, “I can offer you something that you’re really looking for” and for half a heartbeat I let myself hope she means true love and that she is going to kiss her. Then I remember what show she was watching and Glinda tells Zelena to come meet her sisters.

Present-day Rumple doesn’t think Zelena’s plan will work. He thinks that her wickedness is a fixed point in time and no matter what she does, she’ll still end up the same person she is.

Meanwhile, Regina helps Emma put a protection spell on the hospital, but even Regina isn’t sure it will work.

OUAT 320-2 Worried girlfriend is worried.

Hook shows up but Emma immediately tells him to leave. Before she can storm off to face Zelena, however, David comes out and tells her to take Hook with her. Hook asks if he’s just “cannon fodder” and oh what loaded words they are. Finally, after an argument that is akin to one a father and daughter might have when he asks her to invite the weird boy in her class over for a playdate, Emma gives in and starts to head out. Henry believes in her, and Regina does too. She tells her co-parent that she’ll keep their son safe.

Henry is in the waiting room looking for apartments in the classifieds (is the newspaper even a real thing in this fake town?) but Jiminy Cricket thinks he should talk to Emma before signing a lease. After all, she might want to just move in with Regina.

Actually, what Emma wants to do is take Henry back to Manhattan. Which I’m hoping she’s planning on doing with Regina. Because even though everything is shades of grey because of magic being involved, technically she has no legal rights over Henry whatsoever.

Hook asks Emma if she’s running because she’s afraid of happiness. Emma scoffs, “With you?” but we all know he was talking about Regina. Zelena interrupts them and mocks them the way we mock them. Emma tells Zelena (…indirectly) she would have been better off enchanting Regina’s lips, but Zelena has her ways. She has Rumple throw Hook into a vat of water that’s conveniently hanging out nearby.

Flash back to Glinda leading Zelena to the heart of Oz, where she meets her sister witches.

OUAT 320-3True power is measured in the size of your cleavage, m’dear.

The four points of the compass represent Love, Wisdom, Courage, and Innocence. Zelena is confused…she’s far from innocent. Glinda says reclaimed innocence is just as powerful; she can choose to be good if she wishes. You see, there was a prophecy. Someone truly good would come to sit in the empty chair at the witches’ table, and she would arrive by cyclone. And what are the odds of that happening more than once?

The witches tell Zelena that she was meant for more, and that she could be great, if she makes good.

In present-day Storybrooke, Emma drags Hook out of the water. Reluctantly, she gives him mouth to mouth to get the water from his lungs, instead of trying chest compressions first or, I dunno, USING HER MAGIC. It’s true what they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it, and Emma’s magic is officially gone.

Young Zelena watches Young Regina learn more from Rumplestiltskin and is fuming. She takes a deep breath and tries to calm herself down, tries to be good. Glinda, who was spying on Zelena, appears and congratulates her on her newfound self control. She gives her a pendant that will make her more powerful, and puts it on her before telling her the catch: it now harnesses all her power, and she will be useless without it. Content in the knowledge that her power is unlimited, Zelena becomes degreenified again.

OUAT 320-4Nowwwww KISS!

Glinda gives Zelena a yellow brick road that will lead her to the west. She’s just in the middle of her “Everything the light touches…” speech when a cyclone whips in, carrying a farmhouse. They go to the house and help a little girl climb out of it. Glinda says she must be very strong to have survived and Zelena asks where she’s from. She says that she’s from Kansas and that her name is Dorothy, Dorothy Gale. As Glinda leads her back to meet the rest of the sister witches, Zelena positively seethes.

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