“Orphan Black” recap (2.03): Blood Ties


Previously on Orphan Black, Cosima and Delphine made crazy science at the DYAD, Alison got the lead in a musical about a dead body, Sarah watched Mrs. S kill one of the “birdwatchers” who helped them hide out when she was little and we watched Mrs. S kill the other after she was sure she knew nothing about Project LEDA, and Helena got angel-napped by the Proletheans who want to put a leetle baby inside her.

Sarah and Felix wake up in the stolen truck. Fee is worried about Kira, but Sarah promises him that she didn’t see Mrs. S put a bullet in a man’s brain. Neither one of them can quite wrap their head around the fact that their foster mum seems to be a professional markswoman. When Felix jumps down off the bed of the truck, he lands in a cow pie, and Sarah laughs a full-throated laugh like we haven’t heard her laugh in quite some time, if ever. It’s a comforting sound.


Daniel somehow finds his way up to the birdwatchers’ digs, but finds them all quite dead, not a living soul in sight. He hears people coming and hides in the bushes, watching as the Proletheans discover the dead bodies. They’re upset they don’t have Sarah and Kira, but glad they at least have Helena. The Proletheans burn down the birdwatchers’ house and Daniel looks at his picture of Kira, at least now knowing where she was and where she’s not.

The runaways stop at a convenience store and pull a scam that involves Kira playing the innocent kid who forgot how money worked, which Sarah runs in to apologize for, while Felix sneaks out with pockets full of grub. The store owner has a feeling he’s getting hoodwinked, but between Kira’s adorable face and Sarah’s all-around sexiness, he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself, so they leave without protest. Sarah makes sure to tell Kira that this is an emergency tactic only, but Kira knows. Because Kira knows an eerie amount for a child her age. Sarah says she knows the area of woods they’re in, and that there are some cabins nearby they can crash in.

Back in Scarborough, Alison uses a vacuum to passive aggressively (OK, aggressively) wake Donnie up. Donnie tries, again, to explain away showing up in the cemetery, and says he’s worried about her. He says it seems like she’s wound too tight but he’s probably more worried he’ll end up in the Craft Room Torture Chair again. He offers to help her de-stress with a morning quickie. Alison says she just showered and I will never be able to shower enough. Ew.

Meanwhile, at the DYAD, Cosima is flirting with Delphine, calling her Doctor Cormier in a sultry voice, commenting on how sexy her confident strut is. Delphine says she’s only walking so fearlessly into Leekie’s office because he’s not around. Cosima wants to mess with Leekie’s experiment, then does a spot-on impression of what she thinks his reaction would be.

OB 203-2

Delphine doesn’t laugh as hysterically as I did, because she has something weighing on her mind. She calls Cosima over to a television and plays her a video. The face on the screen is her own. Well, looks like her own. It’s Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a clone who was asked to make a video diary after they found polyps on her lungs. Cosima looks to Delphine and asks a question she sounds unsure she wants the answer to: “Is she alright?”

OB 203-3I thought knowing Jennifer’s fate would make this easier.

I didn’t anticipate the pain knowing something Cosima didn’t would cause.

Delphine gives her sad puppy dog eyes and tells her that she died three days ago.

Of course, at this point, I’m doing math like a crazy person. She was the first to show symptoms, six months before Katja, which means she died MORE than six months after first showing symptoms, which means WE STILL HAVE TIME TO SAVE COSIMA, RIGHT???

Delphine tells Cosima that she just found out about Jennifer, and though Cosima had the right to know. And maybe she just found out that she died, but considering that when Delphine gave Leekie Cosima’s blood sample (against Cosima’s wishes), she said, “324B21 is showing the same respiratory symptoms as the other two,” I think she’s just trying to avoid a fight with her science girlfriend.

Somewhere in the woods, Sarah and Felix find an empty cabin and break into it. Kira asks Sarah about Mrs. S, asks if she was still protecting them, even though she was lying. It must be tough to figure out how to talk to a nine-year-old who seems more level-headed than you. Luckily, she’s not just an occasionally creepy precocious child, because her and Sarah break out into an adorable pillow fight. She’s still got some little kid in her; they both do.

On the Prolethean plantation, the little girl brings Helena a plate of food. Helena asks her if her name is Grace and asks her why they brought her here. Grace says her father wants Helena to be part of the family, but she doesn’t even think Helena is human. Helena isn’t interested in having a new family, she has a sestra and her sestra’s daughter. Helena offers Grace some of her food, which is the highest honor, but Grace looks at it like a dog offered her a dead squirrel and runs off.

OB 203-4“What? You no like cheeken? Is good!”

That night, in the cabin, Felix wakes up to the sound of someone coming home and starts screaming and scrambling, trying to get out. Sarah tells him to calm down because she knows the owner of the cabin. He knows her, too…as the girl who took 10 grand and his car. Felix calls him one of her marks and Cabin Boy thinks that sounds just lovely. Kira runs in and before I can finish my thought about how her hair looks remarkably like the stranger’s, she asks him, “Are you my dad?” And based on Sarah’s stricken look, the answer to that would be yes.

The man’s name is Cal and he’s not sure he believes anything Sarah says. Sarah never had a paternity test or anything, but the timing is right, and I mean, the HAIR, so she’s pretty sure Kira is his. But she didn’t come here for child support money or father/daughter bonding, she just needed a place to crash. Cal can’t bring himself to kick a kid out on the street, so he says they can spend another night. As long as they don’t steal anything.

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