Morning Brew – Gabourey Sidibe talks going gay for “Life Partners”


Good morning! Happy Friday! The New Yorker has a piece on the publication and banning of Heather Has Two Mommies. Twice the moms, so terrifying apparently. Uzo Aduba posted this look at EW‘s Orange is the New Black spread. Love!

Gillian Jacobs shared some tidbits from set of Life Partners, in which Leighton Meester plays her lesbian BFF.

Leighton and I would just end up touching each other all the time and end up humping each other, and they were like, “That’s confusing! That’s not the story. You’re not gay, too, so stop humping Leighton.” But we just had a very tactile friendship onscreen, and I think you can see that. I’m just happy because we look at ease around each other, and in truth we’d met only maybe three times before we started shooting the movie. So I consider that an achievement for us. In the scene where I’m saying I hate that he wears message t-shirts, Beth Dover’s wearing one that says “Bitchin.’” And I improved saying, “Well, at least that’s a positive message.”

"Life Partners" Premiere After Party - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival Gillian might play straight in Life Partners but Gabourey Sidibe plays a lesbian in the film, and she was psyched to go gay.

I just really wanted to play a lesbian, which I guess is sort of nerdy. My best friend in the entire world is a lesbian and I just thought it would be fun. Once I showed up in this role, I realized actually how playing a lesbian is not different. It’s all about the story, and it’s the same thing. It’s the same as playing a straight person. But I really did like it, because this character got to be a little bit of a pimp. Can I like have a harem of ladies?

On Supernanny Jo Frost‘s new UK series Family Matters, there are some heavy topics!

“We’ve got a situation where we had a mother who had children with her husband. She left him because she had the courage to come out and say that she was a lesbian, and it’s about how the family can blend with this news and get on. And you have to hope that they’ll take the advice, you hope that they’ll be inspired by what they’ve learnt or heard, and that they feel some sense of relief. I know a lot of them did having this process happen, and had a lot of weight lifted off their shoulders.”

The show airs daily on ITV. This video should be called “Things TERRIBLE Straight Guys Say to Lesbians.”

And if you are dealing with any rude dudes, send them this article: Queering Sex Ed: What You Need to Know About Sex Between Cisgender Women. Pretty sure their eyes will glaze over by the first mention of “cisgender” and leave you the fuck alone. Melissa Ferrick sings the soundtrack to this video about Michigan Womyn’s Festival, “Love From the Land.”

Meanwhile, some fans are demanding Kathleen Hanna apologize for having played MichFest in the past with Le Tigre. Bisexuals aren’t mythical unicorns!

The Idaho State Veterans Cemetery is refusing to allow a woman to be buried with her partner. From ThinkProgress:

Madelynn Taylor, 74, served in the Navy from 1958 to 1964 and hopes her late wife’s ashed could be buried beside hers when she passes away, but the Idaho Division of Veterans Services rejected her application.

Well I reject THAT. Such bullshit. Semi-related from Forbes: Will Gay People Retire With Dignity? We’re not all young and forever. The Voice‘s Kristen Merlin was so thrilled to see Ellen mention her on her show this week.

i09 loves Nicola Griffith‘s new short story “Cold Wind.” Jennifer Knapp has a new video for her song “Remedy.”

Jodie Foster drinks green juice. You’re welcome. June Thomas at Slate thinks straight people should stay out of gay bars.

Ari Graynor became fast friends with her Bad Teacher co-star Sara Gilbert and even attended her wedding to Linda Perry. She tells OUT:

It was the honor of all honors to be there. It was one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve ever been to. It was stunning. It’s so amazing you go to weddings and even though their all built on love and this enormous moment in two people’s lives, sometimes it can feel not that personal. It’s always surprising to me. But their wedding was just them in every way. Their vows were gorgeous. Sara Gilbert has become one of my favorite people in the entire world.

Out model Cara Delevingne is currently being considered for roles in two different movies. In an interview with PAPER, Fred Armisen explains why he and Carrie Brownstein both dated Chloe Sevigny for a storyline in the last season of Portlandia.

I think we just wanted to throw something into the relationship between Fred and Carrie that sort of tested their friendship — sorry to use them in third-person, but that’s the only way I can think of it — so we just wanted something to shake that up. Otherwise it would have been more of the same for that season. We just thought, “Let’s put it to the test.”

Also they were so surprised by how great Martina Navratilova was as a guest star. Meanwhile Carrie posted this hilarious tweet yesterday.

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