“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.17): SwanQueen Magic


Flash forward again to Hook running to catch up to Ariel to confess what happened during the Missing Year, that he chose to save his ship over saving Eric. She slaps him across his pretty face. He feels really bad about it, and she makes him swear on the name of the person he loves (as we learned from Rumpelstiltskin, there’s power in a name). When he swears on Emma Swan, Ariel gets an uncharacteristically mischievous smile on her face. His mouth flashes green and Ariel transforms into Zelena.

OUAT 317-8“Surprise! I’m a shape-shifter. This skill should come in handy. If the writers remember I have it.”

Ariel and Prince Eric have been living out their happily ever after on some island this whole time, Zelena was just having some sociopathic fun times. The magic she performed on Hook’s mouth (wanky) means that his kiss is now poison and will suck up all of Emma’s powers. He’s like, “Fine, then I won’t kiss her. She doesn’t seem all that interested in me anyway.” And she says, “OK, but every time you don’t kiss her, I’ll kill someone she loves. So have fun with that.”

Hook goes to the Loft and is surprised that, instead of the Uncharmings, he is interrupting some quality SwanQueen time. He lies on his feet pretty quickly about why he was there, and Emma, Human Lie Detector, detects nothing. He says that Ariel and Eric are living happily ever after, and Regina says they can check, using mirror magic. She uses her sultry voice to coach Emma through it, and sure enough, they see Ariel and her prince giggling and kissing and smiling.

The Uncharmings get back with Henry and confess that, in an attempt to be the cool grandparents, they let Henry drive a truck. Regina is mama bear mad, but plays it off by saying she is actually just Mayor-mad. They tell them about Ariel being home now, and Mary Margaret is just tickled pink by another happy ending—just by believing!!

So pleased, in fact, that she suggests dinner at Granny’s, all together.

OUAT 317-9“Maybe one day they’ll even invite you to dinner.” ONE DAY HAS COME.

Hook creepily spies on this family affair, seeing how happy Emma is with all the people she loves the most, and contemplates his next move.

Next week, Emma and Regina use their SwanQueen magic to tell Cora she’ll have a new daughter-in-law soon.

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