Cosima’s future is up in the air for Season 2 of “Orphan Black”


With less than three weeks (!) until the premiere of Orphan Black Season 2, the internet buzz is still getting louder and louder. Last week, E! Online released a video about what Sarah will be up to this season, and today, they shared a sneak peek of what Cosima’s storyline will look like.

I have a confession to make: Part of me was afraid that the Delphine storyline was going to fizzle out in Season 2. I had absolutely no reason to believe this epic show would let me down, but have been burned by shows too many times to not have held onto a tiny fear that Cosima and Delphine would just never interact again. I know, I know, it doesn’t make sense, but I was worried.

After seeing this clip, added to the sneak peeks from earlier this month, I am no longer concerned. It looks like each clone gets their due, and they’re not just dropping the impossibly complicated relationship between Cosima and Delphine. Which is all I dared to hope for.

Now I’ll go back to spending all of my energy hoping Cosima survives.

Ever since the first time we interviewed Tatiana Maslany on AfterEllen, I’ve loved the way Tatiana talks about Cosima, her sexuality, and her relationship with Delphine. She keys into exactly why we adore this couple so much: “There’s so much deception. At the same time, there’s so much love and attraction; it’s romantic and beautiful and complicated.”

The best thing about Cosima is that she’s not a Gay Character. She’s queer, but that’s not all she is. She’s a multi-faceted, layered, intelligent, interesting character, who just so happens to be attracted to women. And it’s always so clear to me when I read or watch interviews in which Tatiana talks about Cosima that this is something she understands the importance of and really appreciates the writers and creators for accomplishing. And obviously it is to her credit that she was so well able to make that character pop off the screen and into our hearts.



And also Delphine’s.

I, too, love the way Cosima talks about her sexuality, and I kind of want a #Clonesbians T-shirt that says, “My sexuality’s not the most interesting thing about me.”

How many times in a row have you watched this clip? What do you think will become of Cophine in Season 2?

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