“The Real World: Ex-plosion” recap (29.11): It’s Go Go Time


The episode starts out with Cory, Jay and Thom roughhousing in the confessional as Brian, the odd man out, sits in the hot tub alone. Well, not all alone. Rubber Ducky there there to keep him company. Brian tells the producers that at this point in the season, he doesn’t feel like he fits in anymore.


Then Arielle shows the roommates her first short film, a slasher film in which she kills another character, who is played by Ashley. She says that there will be a film crew coming to the house, and everyone will get to see her in action. Cory offers to be the victim in her next horror film. Arielle pulls Cory and Jen aside to do test shots, and during the shoot, Cory and Jenny decide that they are attracted to each other again. Brian sees the chemistry between them and glares at them from the kitchen.

Jenny auditions for a go-go dancing gig because her car is about to be repossessed. She gets the job, and her ride gets to live another day. Brian doesn’t like the idea of Jenny dancing around in front of other guys, so even though they are no longer together, he feels that it is his place to voice his opinion. “I’m a deep dude,” he tells Jenny. “I’m not a surface dude.” Um, what? That’s his argument? Cory tells us that Brian looks really stupid; that’s an understatement.

Brian talks to Arielle in the kitchen. He tells her that his mother was a stripper, and that because of this, he was ridiculed growing up. As a consequence he has negative feelings associated with attractive women dancing for money.


Arielle and Ashley decide to take the rest of the house to the Folsom Street Fair, and no one else knows what it is. Cory, Jay and Thom show up in bear suits, and they fit right in – along with the ladies getting whipped and the geriatric men walking around in their birthday suits.

Back at the house, Arielle and Ashley are all cuddles again. Arielle tells us that the rest of the house thinks she and Ashley have a perfect relationship but they are still trying to work things out. As long as no roundhouse kicks or sucker punches are involved, they’re light years ahead of everyone else.


Then, to support Jenny, the house goes to her first night on the job. Brian decides to go as well to be a “protector.” At the club, Brian tells us, “I imagine Jenny as a powerful demon sexually dancing on the stripper pole and all of the suffering souls want to reach up to her at the height of all the chaos in hell.” I have no idea what this means, but perhaps someone dropped some pills in his cocktail.

Back at the house, Brian berates Jenny loudly in the kitchen, but Jenny ignores him. The noise bothers the rest of the roommates, and everyone tells Brian and Jenny that if they need to process their feelings, they shouldn’t do it in a common area.

Then the roommates go to Napa Valley. Jenny tells us that she expects everyone to be on their best behavior because they’re not going to a frat house or a club. I’m not sure if the roommates have been anywhere other than a frat house or a club, so this should be fun. After the spa, everyone decides to raid the stash of wine, guzzle straight from the bottle and jump around on the bus. Yup, keepin’ it classy.


The roommates arrive at the tasting already three sheets to the wind. Thom is so wasted every other word is an expletive. Jenny and Jamie tell him to stop talking, and even Cory tells him to be quiet. The string of Ozzy Osbourne-esque outbursts eventually ends when Thom passes out on the bus.

Arielle brings a film crew into the house, and she becomes engrossed in the project. Ashley looks on from the doorway, and she tells us that it makes her happy to see Arielle so passionate about her work, because if Arielle is happy about her work, then it brings positivity energy to the rest of her life.


That night, Arielle tells Ashley that she feels she can balance her work life and her personal life. She tells Ashley that she wants to be with her. “I’m done. I want you. That’s it,” says Arielle. Then they run back to the house to cuddle.

Then at the club, a camera-hungry girl talks to Cory, who rejects her. The she talks to Brian, who flirts with her. This annoys Cory, who, in the van ride back, starts sending passive aggressive vibes towards Brian. Brian laughs it off, and Cory snaps, telling him he was hooking up with Jenny two days after moving into the house. Brian continues to laugh it off, and Cory becomes more aggressive. Jay doesn’t know what is going on and asks why they are fighting.

Brian continues laughing at Cory, and then Cory jumps up and starts punching Brian, as Thom and Jay try to pull them apart.

To be continued…

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