“Degrassi” recap (13.26): Close to Me


Well, that was quick! I thought the writers of Degrassi would string us along with a few will-they-won’t-they episodes before they revealed the fate of Beckogen/Bimogen. Alas, that storyline is over before it even started.

At the beginning of the episode, Imogen, Becky and the new girl, Jack, are in the history classroom practicing for their presentation. Imogene, dressed in a flapper costume, twirls around in a shower of fake money while Becky and Jack lean back in top hats (because apparently the Degrassi writers learned from PLL that top hats are the must-have accessory for any teen lesbian) behind her. After the practice is over, Imogen runs off to DTV but before Becky could slip away, Jack stops her.


“I was thinking of asking Imogen to the semi,” Jack announces.

“Actually, she’s already going with someone,” Becky smugly responds. “Me.”

“But you’re not gay.”

“I like Imogen a lot.”

“But do you want to kiss her?” Jack wisely distinguishes between liking someone and like liking someone.

“That’s none of your business,” Becky retorts.

For a moment there, I think that perhaps Becky really doesn’t know how she feels about Imogen. She obviously cares about her, so maybe she is confused as to how deep that caring goes. But that quickly flew out of my mind when I saw Becky’s reaction when Jack says: “I know you’re best friends or whatever, but if Imogen finds out you’re leading her on…”

Becky definitely looked guilty.

So who does she turn to for help? Clare Edwards and Drew Torres. When Becky tells Drew and Clare that she “accidentally” asked Imogen to be her date to the dance, simple-minded Drew suggests that her problem would be solved if she merely became a lesbian. When Clare informs him that it doesn’t quite work that way, Drew encourages her to just pretend to be a lesbian.

“Kissing girls is not that bad, “ he offers.

In the interest of time, I’m not going to go into the many ways why Drew’s advice is problematic but suffice it to say, Drew is not my favorite person right now.

Later, Becky and Imogen are having a great time on the dance floor at the semi-formal until a slow song plays. As Becky and Imogen move closer to slow dance, Jack stands up and leaves the auditorium. After a couple of awkward moments, Becky admits that she has no idea how to slow dance with a girl, so Imogen attempts to show her. Yet, just as Imogen moves to put her arms around Becky’s waist, she jumps back as if Imogen’s fingers are poisonous snakes. She’s all: I can’t!


Becky admits that she thought she could pretend to be gay, but she can’t because she’s not. Gay, that is. She’s not gay!

Calm down, Becks! Imogen is actually relieved. She’d rather just be best friends. Imogen explains that she and Fiona were inseparable when they were dating, but now they barely talk. She doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her and Becky. They laugh and hug it out. All’s well that ends well.


Except, Becky has one more thing left to do. Now that Becky has her BFFship with Imogen on lock, she runs out to find Jack who is out in the hallway, sipping on cherry punch and looking forlorn. Becky tells Jack that she is willing to share Imogen and encourages her to go ask Imogen to dance. When Jack hesitates, Becky insists, explaining that she’s not gay, she was just afraid of losing the first best friend she’s ever had. Jack asks Becky if she thinks Imogen will say yes if she asks her to dance.

Becky laughs and says, “I have a hunch.”

You can watch the adorable scene here.

So now that Beckogen/Bimogen is dead, there is room for Jack and Imogen to get to know each other, in Becky’s words, more intimately. What do you think? Are you all-aboard the Jackogen ship? Or is it Imojack?

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