8 feels from the “Bomb Girls” Q&A before tonight’s movie premiere


How many days left until the Bomb Girls movie airs in Canada?


That’s right! Tonight, Canucks can get their BG questions answered when the long-awaited movie premieres. Some Bombshells got their individual questions answered by the stars themselves on Twitter yesterday, though, as Ali Liebert, Charlotte Hegele and Jodi Balfour did a live chat called #AskBombGirls. While they couldn’t spoil anything, they did give us some great intel on what it’s like to be part of the show and what we can expect from the series finale.

Ali’s hardest scene to shoot? Boxing.


Gladys supports Betty and her sexuality.


Some Bomb Girls fashions are still chic.



What Ali loves most about Betty…


Charlotte doesn’t make a habit of reading fan fiction.


And the best use of Beyonce goes to…


Like Betty, Ali loves Charlotte’s voice.



Charlotte enjoys teasing us.

The Bomb Girls movie premieres tonight on Global TV. If you’re in the States and crying because you’re missing out, you won’t have to wait too long.


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