“Twisted” has Lacey and Whitney talking labels and lady kisses


This week’s episode of Twisted picks up right were we left off, with Whitney and Lacey at the police station. Whitney is starting to freak out because she’s worried that maybe her Dad did indeed kill Vikram (Danny’s father) after all. Lacey tries to ease her mind, and confesses that she knows for a fact that Lacey’s father definitely did not murder anyone. Their conversation is interrupted when Danny and his mother arrive at the station. She sends Whitney home with Lacey and Danny, and insists that Whitney stay with them while her father is in custody.


Once at the Desai house, Lacey tells Whitney she’s going to head home. Whitney thanks Lacey for her support, and kisses her on the cheek for an extended period of time. Danny stands there awkwardly, his eyes shifting away from the unexpected intimacy of the gesture. When Whitney goes upstairs, Danny and Lacey stare at each other for a long moment before Lacey pulls him aside to confront him about letting Whitney’s dad take the fall for Vikram’s death. He reassures her that he’s hired Jake a great lawyer and not to worry.


Lacey accompanies Whitney to her dad’s place to pick up some clothes, and Whitney is pissed that Lacey, Danny and his mom are hiding something from her. When Lacey protests and promises that Danny will take care of things, Whitney shifts the conversation to their kiss the night before. She tells Lacey she thought they were connecting, but before Lacey can really respond, they are once again interrupted. This time it’s Jo’s dad, the sheriff, who is an all-around ass. I’m pretty sure this guy arrests little old ladies for jaywalking for fun. He’s got a warrant to search the premises. Hopefully he won’t find the planted evidence there.

Oh wait, of course he does. Now Whitney’s dad is really in trouble. When Whitney sees her father at his arraignment, he tells her to get the hell out of the Desai house because they have “broken his heart.” Whitney confronts Danny about this, but he doesn’t give much of an explanation. Both girls are upset, and Whitney moves her things over to Lacey’s house.


Finally alone again, Lacey apologizes to Whitney for keeping secrets. For some reason, Whitney says she still trusts Lacey anyway. (That’s not trust, Whitney. That’s the hormones doing the thinking for you.) As Lacey noisily blows up the air mattress, Whitney asks if they are ever going to discuss “the kiss.” Lacey doesn’t shy away, and opens up to Whitney.


Their conversation goes something like this:

Lacey: Yeah, so I’ve been thinking about that kiss and honestly I’m a little confused.

Whitney: Do tell.

Lacey: Well, the deal is, I liked it. I liked it and I don’t know what that means, because my heart is still all messed up from Danny and I’ve never even entertained the thought of kissing another girl.

Whitney: Mmhhmm.

Lacey: Does that mean I’m a lesbian?

Whitney: Don’t stress about labels, they aren’t important unless you want them to be.

Lacey: Oh, so you aren’t a—

Whitney: (interrupts) Lesbian? Oh no, yeah I’m totally a lesbian. Like a huge one. I’m gayer than a Tegan and Sara karaoke contest at Dinah.

Lacey: What’s Dinah?

Whitney: Don’t worry about it. Anyway, you and me, us, this—it doesn’t have to have a label. How about you just take your time and figure out your heart before we concern ourselves with any of that. Meanwhile, I’ll be lounging adorably on this air mattress if you need me. Nite nite.


I really loved this scene between the girls because it was handled in a really honest and mature way. Of course Lacey is confused. Whitney probably remembers very vividly how that feels, so she gives Lacey the space to sort it out without adding any pressure. Also, Lacey’s confusion isn’t of the torturous variety. She’s really trying to sort out this attraction which came out of left field for her. Nicely done, Twisted.

The next evening, Lacey decides to be bold and invites Whitney to sleep in her bed. Whitney cautiously climbs in, trying to make jokes about the situation to lighten the tension. Within seconds, Lacey rolls over and kisses her.


When she pulls away, Whitney lets Lacey off the hook. It’s not as magical as that first kiss and Whitney can sense that Lacey isn’t in the same place as her. Lacey admits that she’s still thinking about Danny, which while it smarts a little, Whitney says she understands. (To be fair, Lacey and Danny only broke up a few days prior and Lacey hasn’t even had the time to process her heartache.) Whitney jokes that this is the first time she’s ever been rejected, so congrats Lacey for that honor. Whitney, who is more mature than I can ever hope to be, shuts the whole thing down gently and suggests they get up and eat some ice cream. Lacey thinks this is a brilliant plan.


I had a feeling from the get go that Lacey probably wasn’t going to be on the same page as Whitney, but I’m enjoying watching their relationship/friendship evolve nonetheless. Whitney is as kind as she is confident, and that is a rare combination. Who knows what the future holds for these two crazy kids. The timing wasn’t exactly working in their favor. The likelihood of Lacey’s reconciliation with Danny is slim, since he’s in love with Jo. Perhaps with a little distance from the relationship with Danny, Lacey will find her feelings for Whitney growing. At the very least, Lacey and Whitney will be good friends, which is pretty great as well. Hopefully Whitney will become a larger presence on the show, and her storyline will grow outside of the Lacey/Danny/Jo drama.

Brianne Howey, who plays Whitney, is fairly new to Twitter but already making a splash with fans. Last night she participated in the #TwistedChat with fans, live during the show. She’s all kinds of lovely, so you should give her some Twitter love. And if you needed any other reason to follow her, when asked by a fan what her favorite part of being on the Twisted set was, this was her response:


A girl after my own heart. The Twisted spring finale airs next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on ABC Family.

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