“Glee” recap (5.13): I dare you to love me


There’s no money for a nationally acclaimed glee club at McKinley High School, but there is definitely money for an animal husbandry club, which Holly Holiday crashes dressed as animal behavior genius Temple Grandin. She wastes no time whipping off her costume and teleporting everyone to a foam-raining disco for a performance of “Party All The Time.” The glee kids who come along for the field trip have a delightful, sudsy time. Bubbles! ’70s get-ups! Sangin’! Dancin’! The animal husbandry club? Not so much. They stand on the sidelines and look pissed. Not as pissed as I imagine the New New Directions actors look, what with their last episode featuring a ten-minute solo by Gwyneth Paltrow (and only a 10-second group hug for them). But still: pissed.


Bonus points to truly homosexual viewers who caught Rachel and Quinn dancing together for three milliseconds in the foam.

Having very obviously just finished watching the world’s greatest lesbian rom-com, Imagine Me & You, Brittany fills the choir room with lilies and invites Santana to join her on a one-way trip to that lady-on-lady paradise known as Lesbos. Santana’s heart can barely handle it, so she deflects the invitation, which would work on anyone who isn’t Brittany S. Pierce, the world’s foremost expert in the study of Santana Lopez.
Santana: You don’t want to run away with me, Britt; you want to run away from MIT — and I just happen to be standing here radiating incandescent love for you.

Just because I’m running away from my nightmare doesn’t mean I’m not also running toward my dream. When a face looks like my face and a body moves like my body moves, you get to meet a lot of people, and let me tell you what I’ve learned about people: They’ll never fit us the way we fit each other.
Santana: But my dreams also include becoming rich and famous, with a new bonus side plan of beating Rachel Berry at her own game.

Hey, remember how hard it was for you to come out because you were so terrified of what other people thought of you? And remember how good it felt when you finally said out loud who you truly are?



Brittany: Closets come in lots of shapes and sizes. You busted out of the most oppressive one. Don’t let yourself get shoved into a different one made of other people’s dreams.

I just thought maybe I could be everything to everybody.

No. But you can be anything you want to be, and everything to me.

How come you’re the only person on earth whose words I hear in my heart?

That’s my real problem with math, you know. It discounts magic, which I know exists because of me plus you.

I think people are always their most true selves right when they wake up in the morning, before they have a chance to hoist up their defenses and soak in their insecurities and put on the many masks it takes to survive just a single day out in the mean world. And I think the best love is the kind where you can be your wake-up self around another person almost always. I don’t even think Santana knew her wake-up self before Brittany. Santana is all words, words, words, but Brittany never responds to that. She asks the questions and gives the answers to the things Santana is breathing between the noise. She says, “Yes, yes, you’re a panther” while stroking her terrified kitten fur. And Santana does the same for Brittany, but in the opposite way. She says, “You’re a sweet puppy, you’re my sweet puppy” while helping her grow into a majestic dire wolf.

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