Say hello to “Pretty Little Liars” season 5!


Like a teenage girl clobbered in the head with a rock and buried six feet underground before being pulled out of the dirt by a soothsayer who lives in the walls of a sorority house at a college the next town over, Pretty Little Liars refuses to stay down! Sure, season four ended with a (literal) bang last week, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate. In fact, the cast and crew just got back to work filming season five, which kicked off with a table read on Friday afternoon. Luckily for us, social media guru and #BooRadleyVanCullen champion Norman Buckley is directing the first episode of season five, so when you add his multimedia goodies to the recent interviews with PLL boss Marlene King, we’ve got plenty to talk about.

1. “EscApe From New York”


501’s title is a play on the ’80s cult classic and will take place at least partially in the Big Apple (or in front of a green screen made to look like the Big Apple). Who knew Out of Town was just as dangerous as Rosewood?

2. Paige is back, bitches!


Marlene King told The Hollywood Reporter: “Paige is not gone from our world — she’s definitely still a part of it. We see her in the first episode back this summer. There’s going to be an interesting Paige/Emily/Alison storyline that we’re going to explore that we’re excited about.”

3. And so is Mona, bitches!


Lindsey Shaw and Janel Parrish sitting next to each other at the table read? I will pray to the gods on my knees every night that Paige and Mona team up next season. Add Tippi the Bird into the equation and you’ve got a full Charlie’s Angels situation on your hands!

Season five will also feature: closure for Ravenswood, the return of Caleb, Even More Answers (King says season 5 could be called “The season of answers 2”), a layered approach to decoding Alison DiLaurentis’ deal, the return of NAT Club, and one couple spiraling downward together. Ten dollars says it’s Paily.

Season five kicks off on June 10, right in time for boysenberry season!

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