“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.16): It’s What’s On the Inside that Counts


Hello Seattle! It’s it a beautiful morning? Why am I so chipper you ask? Why, because it’s Richard Webber’s birthday! The former chief is greeted with well wishes by Bailey and Arizona, and Owen joins the bandwagon. He asks Richard to meet with him later, which Richard assumes is a ruse to get him to a surprise birthday party. As Owen leaves he hands Richard a folder for him to peruse. It’s a retirement packet. Happy fucking birthday indeed.


In the basement of the hospital, is Meredith’s 3D printer and the future of her research lies in the hands of a young bio-engineer named Eric. Eric is a fully capable engineer but Meredith is feeling a tad overprotective of her project, so she assigns Stephanie to stay with him while he reads the enormous printer manual. Fun for all, Meredith.

Shane, meanwhile, is meeting with parents of young children who have had heart conduit failures. He and Cristina are trying to put together a trial for their conduit, and all the parents are desperate to get their ailing children in the study. Cristina eagerly pours over the scans of the potential patients, trying to pick the best candidates, when Owen comes in. She quickly changes focus to something much more pressing than tiny human heart conduits. Owen’s love life. She thinks there should be an algorithm to find him the perfect mate. He tells her there is. It’s called online dating. (Cris, you could try hotforginger.com, which is a for real thing. Just saying.)

Jackson and April are still flying high on a cloud of marital bliss when a cold wind blows through the hospital. Babies cry, and old ladies clutch their pearls, for Hurricane Catherine Avery has arrived in Seattle. Jackson and April tremble. Without an iota of expression, Catherine says, “I hear congratulations are in order.” Man, she’s cold as ice.


Bailey and Leah are working together on a patient named Greg who is complaining of pain in his side. His wife tells the docs that he’s had it for a decade. Bailey runs an ultrasound and she and Leah are shocked at what they see. Bailey plays it cool in front of the patient, but drags Leah into the hall and tells her to speak to no one of their discovery. Meredith runs into the women who spill the beans about the patient, and she instructs them to get Richard involved. OH WHAT COULD IT BE!?

While everyone else is playing Name that Malady, Callie and Owen sit in a conference room waiting for Derek, who is confused why his surgery has been cancelled. Callie explains that the sensors they used in their research are intellectual property, and it might be wise for Derek to lawyer up.


Shane is still conducting interviews with potential patients, when a teenage girl makes her way into the room and plops herself down. He’s confused since the study is for children one-to-four years old, but the young girl named Cheryl tells him proudly that she snuck her way in. He tries to politely tell her that she does not quality for the study, but she cuts him off and breaks out the big guns. She’s hella pregnant.

Richard is still upset about the retirement packet, but the lady docs have something that will cheer him up. They show him scans of Greg’s chest cavity, and inside there is a leg, spine, and OH MY GOD A SMALL PERSON. OK so the technical term is fetus in fetu. By the way, do not Google image that. Trust me.  It’s apparently as rare as a unicorn tear, so Richard is all smiles. Happy birthday to him. I can relate Richard. I felt the same way when I got a surprise Blooming Onion sent to my table at Outback two birthday’s ago. Bliss.


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