Imogen finally sees some action on “Degrassi”


After months of waiting, Imogen Moreno finally got some airtime on Degrassi in episodes 19 and 20 (“Dig Me Out” and “Power to the People”) as she fought the good fight and—with the help of her new BFF, Becky Baker—protested the school’s sexist dress code.


When Principal Simpson gives in and agrees to change the dress code, Imogen and Becky craft a new one together. It seems that while we were focused on other storylines, Becky and Imogen have gotten quite close.

becky-imogen BFF

To be fair, there were a lot of other things going on: In order to keep him in the country, Alli got married to her French boyfriend, Leo, despite his violent past. Minutes after their town hall ceremony, he flew into a rage when Alli told him that she wasn’t ready to tell her parents about their union and beat her severely. There was a restraining order and an arrest and a final confrontation.

Miles and Maya’s relationship has had its ups and downs. First Maya goes Goth and edgy in an effort to fit in with the “rubber room” kids. Then Miles has a rebellion of his own when he discovers that his father is cheating on his mother, and his mother seems to accept it. They seem to be doing well now. We’ll see how long that lasts now that Zig is going to be moving in with Maya’s family.

Meanwhile, Eli and Clare are drifting further apart no matter how hard Clare tries to convince herself that she isn’t interested in Adam. Adam has a fling with Zoe Rivas in an effort to get over being dumped by Bianca.

Previously, in a deftly handled two-part episode, the students at Degrassi Community School are divided as a video of Zoe Rivas being sexually assaulted by two mystery boys from the basketball team circulates. Zoe was black out drunk during the incident and doesn’t remember a thing, so Becky leads an investigation to uncover the identity of the two assailants. Becky is devastated to discover that it was her own brother, Luke, who is responsible for violating Zoe and is compelled to turn him in to the authorities.


In this week’s episode, Becky tries to distract herself from the difficulties at home–and their history project on the Weimar Republic–by discussing proper semi-formal dress code with Imogen. When Imogen promises to find something “perfectly” pastel for her to dance in, Becky thanks Imogen for being so great.


“I’m so glad we have each other” Becky tells her.

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