Sophia came out as a panseuxal alien teen on last night’s “Star-Crossed”


Last night on the fifth episode of CW’s Star-Crossed, Sophia revealed that she is a pansexual alien gal with a big time crush on a human gal. If you haven’t seen the show, you’re really going to need me to unpack that sentence, huh?

Star-Crossed is a teen drama that wonders what would happen if Romeo and Juliet were literally star-crossed lovers; as in: What if Romeo was from another planet? In the not-so-distant future, an alien race (called Atrians) arrives on earth and is confined to an internment camp in a heavily guarded area called the Sector. 10 years later, a handful of Atrian kids have grown into alien teens, and so they are integrated into one of the Sector’s public high schools.

star-crossed1“Get in, loser, we’re going shopping.”

The main story revolves around Emry and Roman, the aforementioned Juliet and Romeo (respectively), who met when they were six in an abandoned shed behind Emry’s house, and are reunited when the Atrian kids enroll in high school. But because it’s high school, the hormonal teenage tomfoolery doesn’t stop there. In five episodes, Star-Crossed has already created a love octagon that would make even then most devoted Gleek’s brain hurt.

To wit:

Teri is an Atrian whose family is planning to take over the planet. She’s into Roman, who is of course into Emry. But Emry’s dating Grayson, a human teenager whose loyalties are split between other humans and the aliens. Emry’s BFF is a human named Lukas who is into Roman’s alien sister who is named Sophia, who revealed last night that she is into human queen bee Taylor who is hooking up with alien bad boy Drake.

star-crossed3“Janis, I can’t invite you, because I think you’re lesbian.”

Here’s how it went down. Taylor has her eyes on Drake and she needs an in with him, so she invites his buddy Sophia to go shopping with her to buy some regular human clothes. In the future, you don’t have to try on clothes at the store. You just stand in front of a simulator and watch yourself try on clothes on a touch screen. After some shopping, Taylor takes Sophia out for drinks; she even buys Sophia that dress she looked so good in!

You know where this is going, right? Tale as old as time? Sophia mistakes Taylor’s friendly fawning for romance, so she slips right into the dress Taylor bought her while Taylor makes out hot-and-heavy with Drake in the bathroom. But Sophia doesn’t know! She approaches Taylor adorkably in the dress, asking how she looks, but Taylor blows her off. She’s busy hurling darts because Drake left with another girl. Sophia skulks away with (rightfully!) hurt feelings and confesses to Lukas that she’s not into him because she’s into Taylor.

star-crossed2“Is butter a carb? Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.”

Anime voice superstar Brina Palencia plays Sophia, and during the episode she took to Twitter to clear up any confusion about her character’s sexuality. She seems really excited about the development.

Let’s hope Star-Crossed does a better job following up Sophia’s queerness than Arrow has done with Black Canary’s. We love the mentions, CW, but we won’t settle for crumbs anymore.

Are you watching Star-Crossed? What did you think of Sophia’s reveal?

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