5 reasons to get excited about the “Veronica Mars” movie


Full disclosure: I am not a true marshmallow. I only just recently binge-watched Veronica Mars (which I guess isn’t strictly an LGBT show, but it did have that lesbian cheerleader that one time). After almost every episode, I wanted to shout at past-Jenna, “Why didn’t you watch this before?!”

“So I left ‘Laguna Beach’ to become a gay cheerleader…”


Lots of smarter-than-me people did watch the show, however, and the Kickstarter-funded film goes into wide release this weekend. Here are five reasons (out of approximately 1 billion) you should be ecstatic about heading back to Neptune High.

1. Mac’s hairVERONICA MARS

Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie (played by the gorgeous Tina Majorino) is back and boy, oh boy, does she look absolutely fierce. Seriously, that hair. I had to pause the movie trailer and process it for a moment.

2. The boys (as friends!)

"Veronica Mars" Premiere - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival

I know what you’re probably thinking: This is a women’s website, who cares about the boys? Before you yell at me in the comments, just hear me out. I generally don’t care as much about male characters, especially when there’s a strong female lead (Veronica) to focus on. So, I think it’s just worth noting that these guys, flaws and all, have worked their way into my heart. I mean, don’t you just want to hug Wallace (or Weevil)?

3. The guest stars


Watching episodes of Veronica Mars often felt like an exercise in IMDb searching. There were so. Many. Great. Guest stars. Joss Whedon as a rental car manager. Jessica Chastain as Veronica’s neighbor. Michael Cera as… Michael Cera. They were all great. I have very high hopes that the movie will surprise us with even more excellent guest appearances.

4. It’s a reunion.



A large portion of the movie is set at a Neptune High School reunion, and the cast and crew seemed to treat the shoot as exactly that. I love friendship of all forms (seriously, it’s the number one thing I cry about in life), and it’s been wonderful to see so much joy in behind-the-scenes videos and pictures.

5. Kristen Bell

It should probably be illegal for one person to be this adorable, right? Between her love of sloths (see above), her involvement in various charities and her crusade to bring down the “pedorazzi,” Kristen Bell is kind of perfect human.

What are you looking forward to seeing in the Veronica Mars movie?

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