“The Real World: Ex-Plosion” recap (29.9): “Indecent Ex-posure”


The episode starts out with Brian telling Thom and Cory that he feels remorse over kissing the girl at the club, but it just shows he wasn’t ready to commit. He tells us he needs to focus on himself. Thom and Cory warn him to be respectful and to play it cool.

At the gym, Jenny tells us that at first she was worried Cory and Brian would get into an altercation when Brian moved into the house, but something worse has happened– they have become friends.

The producer asks Cory what he thinks about Brian. “I think he’s got a crush on me!” laughs Cory.

“Do you have a bromance with Cory?” the producer asks Brian. “It’s deeper than a bromance,” says Brian. “It must be brocopalypse.”


Jenna tells Hailey that her first two boyfriends were deadbeats. The first cheated on her “a hundred times” and the second was a thief and a drug addict. Hailey remarks that Jay is a vast improvement.

Jay discovers a video on the Real World computer that involves him kissing another girl. “If they air this video, I am screwed!” he blurts out. Again, if you’re on a reality show, it is your job to be followed around by cameras. What were you thinking?

Arielle decides to delete the video. If it airs later, then it airs later, but for now, the roommates should just live their lives in peace, she reasons.


Then Jay’s casting video is aired. Jay admits he has a “side chick” named Jamie and another one named Shannon. Jay is worried that this video will air as well. Oops, it just did. Them’s the breaks.

At the gym Jamie reveals to Jenna that there was a video that was placed on the television involving Jay. Jenna confronts Jay, who tells her he merely kissed a girl on the cheek.

Jenna asks the producer to see the video, and she sees that Jay didn’t just kiss the girl on the cheek. And there were dirty emails. The house tells her not to let this slide and to stand up for herself.

Then the house goes to the club. Hailey get hammered and dances up on Thom. Thom and Hailey get into a disagreement, and Jamie gets upset. Back at the house Hailey rolls around on the floor completely drunk. Thom tells Hailey that he wants her to go home, as well as everyone else who moved in. Then Hailey, taking a page from the Jenny school of martial arts, smacks Thom across the face and passes out on a bed.

Through all of this, Ashley and Arielle continue to be cute.

Brian and Cory’s bromance falls apart for reasons unknown, to Jenny’s delight. Then Hailey comes back into the room and smacks Thom a second time. Afterwards, Hailey rants to herself in a bedroom as the rest of the house hides hides in another munching on seaweed snacks.

Then she gets on the phone with her godmother and tells her that she will stay to ruin Thom’s life.

Pretty soon the bouncers are not going to be enough. They’re going to have to call in the National Guard.

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