“Orphan Black” reveals a new clone


The Orphan Black PR team is not messing around. As the premiere of Season 2 creeps closer, the buzz about the weird little show gets louder.

This week, Tatiana Maslany made the cover of Entertainment  — thrice! EW calls the show “criminally underrated,” but that hopefully won’t be the case for long. They point out that if you’ve seen it, you’re hooked, and if you haven’t, you will be.

They tease the article, saying it explores the beginnings of both the unique show and the passionate fan base. They even talk to Tatiana Maslany about being cast as someone her own age for one of the first times in her career (and many times over, at that).

And if Season 1 wasn’t stressful enough for you, DON’T WORRY. Co-creator John Fawcett promises Season 2 will be even crazier. (And possibly more devastating.)

eworphan-blackcoverSource: EW.com 

The magazine with the clones on the cover doesn’t come out until Friday, but to hold us over, EW released some photos on their website. Most intriguingly, a photo of Delphine kissing Cosima…or at least someone in Cosima’s coat and glasses. The hair has a hint of Sarah to it, just like the promo of “Sarah” attacking Rachel was a little Cosima-esque around the eyes…

EW has also been teasing since yesterday that they would reveal a brand new clone today at noon—and they did not disappoint.

Meet Jennifer Fitzimmons.

Jennifer Orphan Black Exclusive.JPGSource insidetv.ew.com

She’s a teacher and a swim coach…or, was. Now, she’s a patient. Or…was. EW reports that we’ll “meet” her along with Cosima, who finds her video diaries. It seems likely that Jennifer could already be dead when we find out about her, based on her state in the second half of the video. Though maybe she’s hanging on and Cosima and Delphine can find her and get answers.

In the first half of the video, Jennifer is smiling and bubbly and doesn’t sound all that concerned about the polyps on her lungs, her long, curly hair bouncing around. In the second half of the video (which can’t take place too long after, because all of the clones are still around 28 years old), she has deteriorated greatly, and is mostly hairless. Through labored breaths, she says that the DYAD institute has tried everything. She says, “Dr. Leekie said he could help. But he lied.”

This calls to question where this new clone will stand in Season 2. Both figuratively (as in, whose side will she be on) and literally, in this Buzzfeed exclusive Season 2 poster.

buzzfeedposterSource: Buzzfeed

They do a pretty excellent job of breaking it down, but I have a few more things to point out/question.

1. Does the fact that Kira is drawing Helena mean that it’s possible our psycho seestra survived the Season 1 finale? I also think it’s important to note that Kira is sitting closer to Dr. Leekie, Paul, and Rachel than she is to Mrs. S or even Sarah.

2. It was just plain rude that they put a handkerchief covered in blood in Cosima’s hand. My fear for her life is beginning to keep me up at night. And of what’s in Delphine’s hand, Buzzfeed says, “The Dyad Institute (Dr. Leekie’s company that employs Delphine) will play a significant role in her cure—or death.” Okay, again, rude, but it is still unclear whether Delphine is a double agent or not. Especially based on what we now know about Jennifer having been treated by the DYAD institute, probably not all that long ago, and potentially while Delphine was already involved. My heart of hearts wants to believe that she genuinely cares about Cosima and could have been kept in the dark on some things. I don’t think I could take it if she’s pulling a Donnie long-con.

3. Speaking of Donnie, I think it’s kind of hilarious that he’s in a track suit and Alison is dressed to the nines, pearls and all. (The Aynsley scarf is a nice touch, and foreshadowing the fact that it’s not something that’s going to be staying in the past.)

4. Still on Alison, I think the wine in her hand is more important than just a testament to her character. We saw in Season 1 that she tends to imbibe when she gets stressed out, but based on the clip in the Season 2 promo of her downing an airplane bottle of booze, I think it’s safe to assume that the wine in her hand in this poster alludes to an impending problem.

5. I concur with Buzzfeed’s assessment of Morrison standing in the shadows: “Therefore, he must be shady.”

6. Note where everyone is looking. I might be reading too much into it, but I thought it was interesting to follow everyone’s eyeline. Dr. Leekie, Paul, Rachel, Morrison, Donnie, and Cowboy Johanssen are all looking towards Sarah, clone on the run, orphan in the black all over again. Delphine and Cosima can see nothing but each other, obviously. Art is looking at a badge, which could be Beth’s, or even his own. Sarah, Mrs. S, Alison, and Felix are all staring straight ahead. Looking forward, not at (or to) anyone else. And Kira—while drawing a picture of Helena, mind you – is staring at something (or someone?!) out of our eyeline. Do with that what you will.

Where will this new clone fit in? It seems her story will mostly affect Cosima, and thereby Delphine, but how so? Will it affect their trust of the DYAD negatively or positively? Will it lead to answers? (It better lead to answers.)

So much to unpack all in one day! It seems more and more people are catching on to what the #Clonesbians and #CloneClub have known for quite some time, and between EW and Buzzfeed, we have plenty to think on between now and April 19th. (38 days!)

Talk to me. What do you think of the new clone? What did you take away from the Season 2 poster?

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