“Beacon Hill” recap (1.2 & 1.3): Tea and Sympathy


This week Beacon Hill gave us more bang for the buck by releasing two episodes instead of one. We pick up where we left off with Sara, who has just returned to the Bostonian home of her family. To say she’s filled with trepidation would be putting it lightly. Good thing she can tuck those fears away inside that oversized cadet cap she’s sporting.


Before she can even take in her surroundings, she runs into a handsome young chap wielding a tray. The fellow in question is her brother Eric, and he’s somewhat surprised to see his sister.


They exchange brother and sisterly pleasantries, but the weirdness of their current situation is hard to ignore. They hug the hug of children who grew up in a house where the art of affection was a rarity. They decide that Sara should stay at the house while she’s in town and discuss their grandfather’s condition. He’s partially paralyzed on his left side, but can still manage to scream down the stairs for his tea. Their conversation comes to a screeching halt when their mother Claire appears. She’s got a sharp tongue and the rigid posture of a Madame Tussauds wax figure. In other words, she’s terrifyingly awesome.


Claire doesn’t quite care for all of her father’s carrying on (and probably a lack of attention) so she drinks his goddamn tea. Eric is beyond frustrated, but grateful that Sara has shown up. He probably won’t be when he finds out her real purpose for being there. Sara inquires about their step-grandmother, Evelyn, who is notably absent. It turns out that Evelyn is getting a little snip snip, tuck tuck in the Caribbean while her husband lies ailing. This surprises neither sibling. Eric has moved in to get the family back on its feet, leaving his wife behind. When Sara questions him, he tells her that he and his wife have an understanding. Loyalty is important to Eric, and the deadly serious look on his face makes Sara all squirmy.


Talk turns to their grandfather’s senate seat, and how there is much discussion about his stepping down. Surprising to Sara, her grandfather agrees with the party chairs, and is willing to give up his seat to the right person. That right person you may ask? Katherine Wesley.

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