“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (4.09): Destiny’s Child


Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of “Lost Girl.” Read the full episode recap here.

Blah blah blah, Death Train. Blah blah blah, Rainer. Blah blah bah, destiny. Hey, isn’t it even more awesome watching Zoie Palmer on Lost Girl now? I just can’t stop smiling and sighing contently. Right, fine–the story, if we must. Bo wants to open the ominous jar of black smoke she has mailed herself. How does one value that for the shipping insurance? Anyway, it turns out to be filled with an old crow. So clearly the wisest choice here is to follow this total stranger who emerged from a puff of black smoke instead of listening to her friends (some of them ready to fight for your life down to the last fork). Bo is making such positive and rational life choices this season, it just warms the heart.


Bo tells everyone she knows and loves to sit and stay, and then poof. She’s gone. But the two remaining sides of this love triangle with a shred of common sense left decide Bo can’t go it alone. So they suit up and we’re all reminded that you shouldn’t mess with Dr. Lauren Lewis unless you want your junk melted.

Indeed, the syringe is mightier than the sword. And the sword in this metaphor is Dyson’s junk. Kidding! Mostly. But seriously, the lesbromance between The Wolf and The Doctor has been one of the most welcome developments of this season. Those with a common goal tend to have more in common than they think.


So, everyone wants answers and no one knows quite where to find them. Tamsin and Kenzi decide to look through Trick’s books. And Trick decides to go to an old (girl)friend who can compel the truth. The former realize they need to find some of Trick’s blood to unlock the truth. And the latter realizes he’ll need to get over his own ego to unblock his memories.

Really long (and pretty convoluted) story short: When Trick ruled as the Blood King he went to war with Rainer for daring to defy him. After defeating him, Trick erased him from history, thanks to an assist from Tam-Tam who agreed to abandon his body on the battlefield.


Meanwhile, Bo’s adventures with the total strangers go amiss to no one’s surprise except her own. They double cross her because they’re the cast-off sons of Rainer and have serious daddy issue. But she ducks into the underworld to escape them. When hell is the best option, you need to perhaps look at your life and choices.

Down below she meets the Leviathan who like big shawls, tall staffs and bad riddles. Bo manages to trick her into being released by playing her “Torn Between Two Lovers” trump card. But not before she gives Bo a warning that someone she loves will join her in the netherworld soon. IS IT MISTY DAY? (Sorry, I’m still not over it.)


Bo returns topside, but those crows are still there. Luckily, so are Lauren, Dyson and those big-ass syringes. They have the goth rejects captive, but Bo decides she is going to go with them to the train anyway because the show’s new title is Bad Decision Girl. Bo blows Lauren (clearly) a kiss and poof she is off again.


Anyhow. Now she is on the train and looking for The Wanderer who at this point we know is named Rainer and think might be her father. But instead he’s a hunky dude who looks like a freshly scrubbed Game of Thrones extra.

Bo has questions, which Rainer answers by giving her a glowjob. After that hand hickey, I certainly hope Rainer isn’t her dad. Because, you know, ew. Though if you thought that was questionable, you haven’t seen anything yet. The team all converges back at the Dal just in time for Bo to arrive as well. But she isn’t alone. She’s lugging her black-shirted destiny with her to everyone’s chagrin.











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