Zoie Palmer thanks partner and son at the Canadian Screen Awards


Lost Girl star and AfterEllen dreamgirl Zoie Palmer appears to have come out in a thank you speech at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards Sunday night.


Palmer took a minute to express her gratitude after winning the Fan Choice Award and in doing so thanked “my incredible partner, Alex, and my beautiful son Luca.” The Alex in question is Alex Lalonde, a Canadian television and film producer, and the Luca seems to be Lalonde’s son from a previous relationship.

Lalonde posted a congratulatory tweet from the awards, which Palmer also retweeted.


The two have appeared frequently in each other’s Twitter feeds. The pair also attended the Toronto International Film Festival together in 2012 as well as other events.


In 2011, when AfterEllen first interviewed Palmer, she was coy about her receptiveness to all the female attention she had begun receiving since debuting as Dr. Lauren Lewis. She told me in the interview:

AE: Well I’m telling you, just so you know, if your door swings this way or considers swinging this way, you will never be single.

ZP: [Laughs] Oh, good, well I will certainly take that into consideration.

AE: Just putting it out there, just so you know.

ZP: Thank you, that’s good to know.

Over the years she has been very private about her private life in subsequent interviews, which is entirely her prerogative and right. But her acknowledgement of her partner and son is a wonderful and welcome step.


So congratulations Zoie. We’re so happy and proud of you, your family and the series.

p.s. Zoie Palmer better win the AfterEllen Hot 100 poll this year. Just saying.

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