“Beacon Hill” recap (1.1): Evil Empire


It’s finally here, the long awaited series from Crystal Chappell and Bella Books and we are a long way from Venice Beach, baby. In fact, the premiere episode of Beacon Hill takes us all the way across the country to New York City. (We will get to Boston soon enough.)


Right away we meet the beautiful Sara Preston, getting ready for a date with her lady, Diane. It’s a long time coming, as we find out Sara is pretty much married to her job as a reporter. Her phone begins to chirp, and before she can answer, Diane reminds Sara that she promised to leave her phone alone for the night. Yet it’s siren call proves too much for Sara to resist and she reads the text message waiting for her. She’s surprised to see that it’s from her mother. Diane is surprised that Sara has a mother seeing as she has never mentioned her once. (Listen Diane, some of us don’t want to drag our mommy issues out until at least until year two.) From the look on Sara’s face, we know it’s not good news. Sara’s phone begins to ring, and it’s her boss Martin asking her to ditch all her plans and get to Boston to report on Sen. Preston’s ailing health. First of all, rude, they guy just torpedoed date night. Second of all, Sen. Preston is Sara’s estranged grandfather. Talk about your conflicts of interest.

Diane, being a reasonable person thinks this is a terrible idea, but Sara feels an obligation to report the news, even if that news is a dying relative. But Diane also has keen lesbian spidey senses, and asks Sara if she will be running into her ex while she’s back in Boston. You know, “THE EX.” They one that got away. The ex who still holds a piece of Sara’s tender heart in her perfectly manicured hands. The ex who works in Sara’s grandfather’s district. Oh, THAT ex. Sara brushes Diane’s concerns off. She hasn’t seen her ex Katherine in six years, and it’s not as if she’s been carrying a smoldering, still hot to the touch, torch for her or anything. Sara promises that Diane has nothing to worry about, which every lesbian knows means, “we are doomed.”



In Boston, a stunningly gorgeous woman in a power suit sits in front of an American flag. My country tis of thee, this must be the infamous Katherine Wesley.


She is fast at work on something very important, when a handsome bearded man pops his head into her office to tell her that their Twitter is blowing up like it’s the finale of Pretty Little Liars. This is Andrew Miller, Katherine’s chief of staff and boy does he have news. He drops the bomb that Sen. Preston had a stroke the night before. Katherine looks concerned, but Andrew is practically cartwheeling with excitement on the inside. He tells her that they are already looking for someone to replace him and she is right on the top of the list. The news sounds dire, and it’s time to pounce.


Outside of a Dunkin Donuts (10 points for authenticity, Beacon Hill) a well dressed man grumbles into his phone about Sen. Preston. Turns out this gent is Katherine’s father and he doesn’t seem too pleased that her name is on everyone’s lips


When Sara arrives in Boston, she begins to have a major flashback of her time with Katherine. We see them, lying together in bed, blissful. Sara has made Katherine a cup of coffee, which according to Katherine is a little off.


They roll around, tickling and teasing each other, which quickly turns more passionate. When Katherine pulls away, she confesses to falling in love with Sara. They both agree that that is pretty fantastic, but Katherine has been harboring a terrible secret and she needs to come clean.

She’s a Yankee’s fan. Sara is appalled, but they somehow work through the pain.


But their bliss (well, let’s be honest, ours as well) is short lived as Sara comes back to reality, in present day Beacon Hill.


What did you think of the premiere episode of Beacon Hill?

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