“Chicago Fire” recap (2.15): Know Your Role


Previously on Chicago Fire, Vince Keeler is a bad, bad man who kidnapped and raped Severide’s little sister. But in Chicago the bad men are well connected so he isn’t behind bars, he’s running for public office. Dawson failed her firefighter test. Rafferty made sure Dawson had a soft spot to land at 51 where Shay can kiss it and make it all better. Finally, Jones cheated her way to becoming a firefighter and will be the candidate on Truck 81.

Dawson and Casey are getting ready for work. She’s jamming her ankle into a boot and hoping it doesn’t give out, he’s walking around with bubble wrap around his Humpty Dumpty noggin. Casey tells Dawson she sure is lucky Rafferty got suspended so she can go back to her lesbian life partner. Dawson is a little embarrassed to be returning to work a big failure. He asks if it’s because Jones is joining Truck and she says, “No, she busted her ass. Good for her.” Well, “busted her ass” is a word for cheating I’ve never heard before.

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At 51, the guys welcome Dawson back. She congratulates Herrmann on making Lieutenant while the guys worry that having Jones in the truck is going to impede their ability to fart and tell dirty jokes in their clubhouse. Shay snuggles Dawson and when Jones shows up asks Dawson if she’d like to “do a little inventory.” Call it what you like, ladies. We all know what you’re doing in the back of the rig. Jones tells the guys that she knows chicks are a pain in the ass and she doesn’t expect special treatment. She brought them donuts and hands the box to Mouch. It’s empty. She says they were delicious. Herrmann and Otis laugh but you can’t joke about donuts with Mouch. Dawson watches the scene and Shay asks if she wants to “fill the tank” before they get called out. Euphemism bingo! I love that game.

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Casey skips over to kiss Dawson and tell her to be safe out there. He knows that Shay can get a little wild in the sack. Whoopsie Jones, looks like your life just got a whole lot more interesting. Casey takes her to meet the Chief. Severide walks around kicking shit until he runs into Otis. Severide has to break the news that Keeler is Eliot Ness as far as the cops are concerned because he’s working with the feds. Otis is livid and Severide tells him they have to trust Det. Hariporn. Then he skips over to Clarke and asks him to help him with a very special project involving fitting Vince Keeler for some cement shoes.

Boden and Casey are telling Jones all she needs to know about being a candidate at 51. Casey wants Jones attached to his hip on calls. She giggles when he says if he stops she should be bumping into his ass. Stop the giggling, you dope. Boden tells her to show the job the respect it deserves and that there are no short cuts. She thinks he’s making a crack about how she’s a big, fat cheater. Your guilty is showing, Jones.

They get called out and Jones takes everyone’s seat in the truck before finally finding a seat on the roof. She says, “Do they know 61 isn’t there?” Casey indulges her and explains how a radio works and that Shawson will probably beat them to the call. Shawson, indeed, arrives before everyone else and Dawson gets a firm grasp on Shay’s ass so she can look into the clothing donation bin. Shay can’t see anyone inside but Dawson has a bad feeling (and a need for Shay to give her an ass grab in return) so she takes a look, too. When she can’t see anything, she just goes all the way in because of course she does. She finds someone inside and she’s not breathing. Shay runs back and forth with supplies until the cavalry shows up to get Dawson out of the bin. Shay tells Casey that this whole mess was Dawson’s idea and he tells Herrmann to get the saw. Jones, the eager beaver that she is runs to the truck to get it. She pulls it out, nearly cuts off Herrmann’s leg and breaks the blade. Severide sends Clarke to get the Squad saw and everyone gives Jones the stink eye. They get the door open and everyone rushes to help while Jones stands in the corner wearing her dunce cap.

Back at 51 Severide, Clarke, and Capp are getting out of their gear and plotting Keeler’s demise. Mills isn’t invited because he’s a boy scout and these three are boycotting anti-gay organizations. Lesbros to the end. Jones saunters over to chat with Severide. He welcomes her to 51 and Casey rolls out the red carpet by sending her off to empty the trash. Casey asks Severide what he’s dealing with when it comes to Jones. Severide lists off cocky, talented, aggressive, with a side of massive chip on her shoulder. Hmm, sounds like someone we know, doesn’t it Kelly? He says he doesn’t have the patience and tells Casey he tried to bounce her from the academy. Casey is like, “You’re just telling me this now?” Severide is like “you never asked before.” Oh man, you two bicker like an old married couple.

Boden’s secretary, Connie, walks by and Mouch tells her that he’s going to need her to sign for a shipment of those sexy man panties he had last season. Connie is going to murder him in his sleep. Jones bitches about not having enough to do and Herrmann introduces her to the sexy times showers and says, “Have fun cleaning, sweetheart.”

CF 2153

Shay and Dawson are doing the old West Wing walk and talk. Shay tells Dawson that it was a “great save” out there and if she hadn’t have caught it no one would have known that girl was there for days. Dawson tells Shay to stop stroking her ego and Shay says, “I’m not but I could later.” Shay slaps Dawson’s ass and they go their separate ways. Dawson is feeling a little bummed out over not being a firefighter. She asks Jones how her first shift went and Jones jumps down her throat. She says she doesn’t appreciate her talking shit during her sexy time with Casey. I’m gonna stop you right there: Shawson gets the rig rocking. She tells Dawson that if she doesn’t play nice they’re going to have a problem. Oh Jones, you fucked with the wrong marine.

Boden is offended Herrmann didn’t tell him that he was studying for the Lieutenant’s exam. Herrmann says he’s taken it so many times that he earned a free ice cream and didn’t want to tell in case he failed again. Herrmann doesn’t want to leave 51 but Truck sure is crowded now that there are boobs on board. Poor Mouch. I think a manzier would really help him.

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