“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (4.08): Groundhog Fae


Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of “Lost Girl.” Read the full episode recap here.

This is why they tell you to never take candy from strangers. Right, so it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas Yule. But first, have you been naughty or nice this year. Before you answer, let me show you Bo washing her car in a sheer tank top. Naughty it is – so, so naughty.


I take this entire scene – the suds, the cleavage, the melting ice cream – as proof that there is an intelligent hand guiding the universe and that she likes us.


So, anyway, where were we? Right, candy. Bo eats some, and so do some other folks. And poof. They’re in the clutches of Anti-Claus. Krampus, the Christmas devil, is the much scarier counterpart of old St. Nick who will make you happy you grew up in a country where the worst thing that happened to bad children was a lump of coal. (Our condolences, international friends.)

Bo wakes up in an alternate, Groundhog Day universe, doomed to relive the same lame party as partygoers slowly disappear. Tamsin is there, too. Oh, did I mention Tamsin is back? And the first thing she does is kiss Bo right on the lips? In fact, they kiss a lot. So Team Valkubus, this one’s for you.


Tamsin and Bo seem to be the only two partygoers aware of their endless loop. So, like Bill Murray, they try some new things. Arm wrestling. Drinking contests. Each other. None of it changes their predicament. But, woo doggie, it certainly stirs up their BIG BISEXUAL FEELINGS.

Meanwhile, the rest of this Love Quadrangle is upstairs getting drunk. Dyson and Lauren are continuing their lesbromance. They’re battling over Bo’s box (not even kidding), specifically whether to give her the box of black smoke she has mailed herself. If you ever watched Lost, the answer is no. If you didn’t watch Lost, the answer is still no. Second-hand smoke kills.


Vex – poor, poor schizophrenic Vex this season – mediates the box battle and tells them the answer is they secretly like each other (not in that way) and to shut up already and acknowledge their mutual respect. They agree and Lauren sews back on his hand as a thank you. Or, possibly not a thank you – she did do it while plastered.

In Subplot C, Hale is also in and aware of the Krampus loop and using it as a way to perfect his game with Kenzi. This is kinda gross, but not as gross as it could be. They didn’t use the fig-flavored condoms. He was just doing it because he was nervous and wanted to make things perfect for Kenzi, or something. OK, it’s still kinda gross.

Back at the main party, more people have been sucked into the wallpaper including Tamsin. So Bo goes to rescue her and finds Krampus. He is a cross between Willy Wonka and Jeffrey Dahmer. He feeds off people’s guilt and regret and turns them into delicious, delicious people candy.


So Tamsin confesses her Big Secret to Bo, that she is the one who agreed to hand her over to The Wanderer [Spoiler Alert: Skip to the next paragraph if you haven’t seen the rest of the season.] Will they ever freaking explain who this Wanderer is , since he apparently wasn’t Rainer the Wanderer? Who was Tamsin was really working for is? I assume it’s that pissed off Pegasus, but why the name confusion then? Anyway, sorry, loose end gripe.

Bo tells Tam-Tam it’s all OK. After you do it (I think, it’s not entirely clear how far that hook up went) in front of a roomful of strangers, pretty much everything else is less awkward and therefore not as big a deal. They’re cool. So they hug it out and no one gets turned into potential cavities.


But then Kenzi gives Bo the box because this is what happens when two drunk people argue about an important decision. Someone else makes it for them.










Fine, so they are manboobs (and major guns). But, admit it, you love Bruce.



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