Six Reasons to Watch Hot New Web Series “Beacon Hill”


The webseries Beacon Hill makes its long awaited debut on March 5. Set in Boston, it’s a political thriller, family drama and lesbian romance all in one. Still unconvinced? Well, here are six reasons to watch.

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1. It’s a soap for people who think they don’t like soaps.

If you are hesitant to watch Beacon Hill, or have put off watching Venice because you “don’t like soaps,” I’m here to say, you’d be missing out. Venice and Beacon Hill are not your momma’s soaps, mainly because of the copious lesbian love scenes, but still. Unlike soap operas, both webseries are fast paced, and very modern feeling. The acting is top notch, and there is major payoff. Plus, great lesbian content is great lesbian content. Explore a little, take a walk on the soap side.

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2. Sara Preston is a leading lady you can get behind.

Sara Preston is played by the glorious Alicia Minshew, who you may remember as KENDALL FREAKING HART from All My Children. Minshew has always been able to convey tremendous strength behind a deceptively delicate exterior. Vulnerable badasses are the best kind. Sara Preston is a reporter bucking the legacy of her family’s political dynasty, all the while trying to stamp out the torch she’s been carrying for former lover Katherine Wesley. Which brings us to number three….

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3. Katherine Wesley is your new crush.

The voice. The swagger. The hair porn. It’s all the things you love about Jane Rizzoli, but there’s nothing subtexty about Katherine. Actress Sarah Brown really nails the role of Katherine, a rising political figure. Soap fans will know Sarah Brown from her star turn as Carly in General Hospital. Filibusters have never sounded so sexy.

4. Katherine and Sara’s chemistry is off the charts.

You might want to have a cold beverage on hand when Katherine and Sara have scenes together, because it’s about to get hot. Sara and Katherine had broken up six years prior, but when Sara returns home to deal with her family drama, sparks fly between the characters once more. Crystal Chappell has a knack for finding actors with natural chemistry, and that certainly shows up big time in Beacon Hill.

5. It’s a collaboration.

Crystal Chappell’s company Open Book Productions has partnered with Bella Books to bring us the best in lesbian storytelling. Bella Books has been publishing great lesbian fiction and romance for over a decade.

6. Crystal Chappell is in it.

Well this is a no brainer. Crystal not only pioneered the medium of websoaps, she’s also an actress that we love. Check out her recent interview with AfterEllen about Beacon Hill.

Learn more about the characters of Beacon Hill in this video:

So, are you planning to subscribe to Beacon Hill? For $9.99 you get access to the entire first season. (That’s the cost of two vanilla soy lattes.) To subscribe, go to

Be sure to check back with AfterEllen for our Beacon Hill recaps.

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