Five Ways to Lezzify the New Batman TV Series “Gotham”


The super-savvy super-nerds over at io9 have gotten their hands on copy of the pilot script for Fox’s forthcoming Batman-themed live-action cop drama, Gotham and boy, have, they ever dropped some good news right into our lesbi-hungry hands: Renee Montoya will appear as a Major Crimes Detective on the show! Gotham will feature a 12-year-old Bruce Wayne, right after his parents were murdered, and plans to focus most of its attention on young Detective James Gordon and his morally dubious partner Harvey Bullock. Unlike Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham shows no signs of shying away from the established universe mythology. The show has already cast a Riddler (GCPD as a coroner), a Catwoman (14 years old and already a burglar), and a Penguin (a minor player in an established crime family).

As you know, the Batverse has a history of being more queer than most other comic book worlds, so we’ve come up with five ways Gotham can lezzify itself full-force.

1. Don’t hold back on Renee Montoyareneekate

Renee Montoya actually made her TV debut before she made her comic book debut, back in the early ’90s Batman: The Animated Series. She appeared in multiple animated series after that and began her Batman-related comic book run with Batman #475. She was outed as a lesbian (in the books, never on the cartoon) and ultimately became The Question after leaving DCPD due to her disgust with its corruption. Oh, and she was definitely Kate Kane’s lover. On Gotham, she is apparently the ex-girlfriend of Detective Gordon’s fiance, so she’s already out!

2. Introduce Maggie Sawyer


Maggie Sawyer is, of course, Kate Kane’s fiance (for now) in the Batwoman comics. She’s also a detective for Gotham City PD, but she and Renee haven’t ever really interacted. Now, here’s where things get tricky: On Gotham, Renee will apparently be Commissioner Gordon’s peer, which means she’s much older than Batman, but in the comics, Batman is older than Batwoman (who is the same age as Renee and Maggie). But as long as we’re playing fast and loose with the timeline, why not introduce another female detective, whose approach and philosophy are so much different than Renee Montoya’s?

3. Give us some Kate Kane


She’s the goddamn Batwoman! And according to IMDB, Kate’s cousin, Bette Kane, has already been cast for the show. Bring on the Kane family. They are more dysfunctional than every family on Mad Men combined. Plus, she was kicked out of West Point pre-DADT, so it’s definitely topical in more ways than one.

4. Embrace Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s Love


Everyone knows that while DC and Harley Quinn faux-battle over The Joker, their real love/lust is for one another. They are to the comic book universe what Rizzoli and Isles are to the TV universe. Which is to say: Lots of fan fic, fan art, fan wailing and gnashing of teeth and shouting, “Just kiss already!” If Gotham has already cast such major villains as Catwoman and The Riddler, surely they won’t shy away from A-list baddies like Harley and Ivy.

5. Abandon DC’s comic book laws


Look, everyone knows you’ve got to have conflict to have good stories, but DC’s “no character gets to ever be happy” rule (which we only learned about when they announced that Kate and Maggie would never get married) is bollocky wankshite. Yeah, living in Gotham City must suck most of the time, but don’t patronize us by holding back on same-sex affection and telling is it’s just the rules.

What do you think about the news that Renee Montoya will be a part of Gotham? Do you think the show should incorporate the bigger themes of female queerness into the show?

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